Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 9: 25th Bloom, Waterday

XP total per PC sessions 8 & 9: 2617
RP with Lord & Lady Shard: 100
Dealing with Linech: 100
RP and investigation at the docks: 50
Sahuagin & Sharks: 600
Giant Crab: 200
Giant Eel: 100
Balacazar guards & thugs: 400
Freeing Sumar & Sulsan: 100
Rescuing Linele: 400
Linech’s bodyguards: 367
Linech’s thugs: 200
Not sure if I mentioned it but the gold statue is life-sized, and I know that I forgot to say that it radiates magic when Ulszom casts his spell.
Linech’s large hard wood desk is also covered with papers, maps and ledgers

Ulszom wraps the bed sheets around the loot and ties the bundle. “Answulf. Time to keep your side of the bargain big man. We need your strong back.”
Answulf hefts the bundle over his shoulder. Taking Linele’s hand and asking her what colour cloak she would like he heads out of Linech’s burrow. “Where we headed Lyle?”

Lyle says in eastern “Well my friend we have a lot of loose end…” Lyle looks annoyed “ Linech escaped and could come back as a thorn in our side, if he is intelligent enough he will tell the Balacazar we messed with their operation and they will dispatch us free of charge I’m sure. Then there is the little demon child, should we drop her off at the temple of redemption?

Lyles blurts out his fears as if her has spent too much time with Ulszom we have the problem that the two slaves liberated from the Balacazar are a giant gaudy sign pointing at us as the guilt party, should we give them a few gold and send them off out of Ptolus or do we get them new identities and pray to all the gods that we are more intelligent than the Balacazar?

Lyle looks like he is in a proper strop, a rain cloud of doom “ we really fucked up this time, too many loose ends… every time I drag my arse out of that shit hole of a life some unknown force chucks my cards back in.

Lyle looks very angry and determined Well if the Balacazar think they can just come and snatch me off to the abyss then they better send their best cos I ain’t working for no murderous son of a bitch as a slave or a marked man so they are going to have to kill me.

The change in Lyles mood is instantaneous and you ponder what could cause such a turnaround in his mood until he says “I wonder what that statue is worth; it must be a tidy sum. Maybe I should go visit that woman in the under dark some improved weaponry maybe called for. What are you going to spend your gold on my friend” switching to common Lyle says Hey, Ulszom… want to go get something to eat and err some milk I guess… it shouldn’t take long to get back once we have dropped a few things off Lyle looks pointedly at the little girl Maybe a carriage is called for they are faster than walking and less folk see you sitting inside one of them than walking the streets carrying a bag of swag.

Ulszom takes a quick look at the papers on the desk before adding them all to the pile on the bed.

Muttering “There is no way Lyle is going to let me leave this behind” Answulf covers the statue in a separate bed sheet and attempts to lift it

We need to decide what to do with Linele. I think we drop her off at the temple of redemption, she is too unpredictable to keep around and we have no one we can burden with her care / protection.

Lyle would like to take the Disguise kit, Masterwork Thieves Tools and Masterwork Forger’s kit. We need to get the statue ID and sell the rest of the stuff then decide what we want to buy depending on what we have gold wise

“Agreed. She is not safe with us.”
Dragging the statue bouncing down the stairs cushioned on bed sheets to prevent any damage “Go buy us a cart and mule. I’m not going to be able to drag this all the way.
I’ll see if I can rent or borrow one. Let’s get this stuff sold and inspect those papers maybe we can find Linech by speaking with people he has had dealings with.

you just hear Lyle mumble “we have to fix this fuckup I have a reputation to keep, slippery little bastard can’t be allowed to blab.”

Lyle disappears to see if he can get a cart and beast of burden.
You quickly sweep Linech’s assorted valuables into a bed sheet with the practised speed of a couple of house-breakers.

Shouts and screams can be heard from the street below the window Linech jumped through, peeking out Answulf sees a small crowd of goodwives pointing up at him – they scream even more when they see him! They all turn and run.

Lyle you remember that that Watch House is only a couple of blocks away down Wash Street as you run out of the house and out of Linech’s ‘burrow’, and that there are only really three ways out of River Gate. Tabor Street to River Gate Bridge or Middle Street over Wings Falls, both leading to Oldtown or along Wash Street (past the Watch House) through Center Circle and down the cliff into the North Market.

Answulf drags the statue (it’s far too heavy to lift) out of the upstairs office, bumping it down the stairs, which groan and creak under its weight. Linele follows sullenly clasping her pocket watch. Ulszom hops anxiously from one foot to another trying to get past the grunting Answulf carrying a bed sheet stuffed with paper work.

You know that the chances of finding a cart or horse is highly unlikely in River Gate.
There are however many carriages dropping off and picking up the affluent residents
Some information for you:
Brotherhood of Redemption
An order of monks who believe that no evil is irredeemable, the Brotherhood of Redemption seeks to give any evil creature a chance to repent. Its members do not believe in “inherent evil.” Specializing in rehabilitation, they operate in the Dungeon out of the Fortress of the Redeemed but maintain a surface headquarters in the Guildsman District. They make it known that they willingly accept any prisoners who are not of the major races – in fact, they’ll pay a small bounty for evil creatures with a modicum of intelligence.

River Gate District
The River Gate District is the residential area of Ptolus where much of the city’s “middle class” (also called the “merchant class”) resides. Merchants in both market districts dream of retiring to a nice quiet house in the Rivergate District, which shows not only that people idealize the area, but that most consider the Nobles’ Quarter forever out of their reach. (They are, of course, correct.)

Ivy-covered walls, pleasant fountains, and pigeon-covered statues are common here. It is a sleepy sedate district. Women hang washing on the line. Children play a game with a ball. Men sweep their stoops. People gather around the neighbourhood well to gossip. Virtually no one carries a weapon or wears armour here except the City Watch.
“Lyle quick hail us a carriage and let’s get out of here.”

Bowing to Lyle Answulf winks. “You the rich merchant in your fine clothes and us your humble servants.”

“First to the Brotherhood in the Guildsman’s District and a safe place for Linele to stay then to our rooms at the Ghostly Minstrel to take stock”

Answulf stoops his enormous frame and drags his “masters’ merchandise” down the street encouraging Linele to help. “Good job you here Linele or I’d never be able to move this…”
Lyle hurries down the narrow side street to Wash Street looking for a carriage; as luck would have it he spots one dropping a well-dressed and rather overweight lady at a house just off in another of the cul-de-sac’s common in Rivergate. The driver tips his hat and has begun to turn the two horses pulling the covered carriage as you reach the opposite side of the street. With a whistle and a wave you hail him and the driver pulls up, shouting over “yes guv’, where to then”?
Just then a bell rings out from somewhere ahead of you, the driver raises an eyebrow at looking at Lyle pointedly.
Lyles says to the driver “Go to the corner of <insert name=”true">
and collect my men and my possessions, take them where they need to go and
tell them I will be along shortly, oh and warn the big clumsy one to
watch what he is doing with my statue it’s not some whore he found in the
harbour district! I must go and see what the fuss is about maybe someone
needs help."

Lyle hands over 5 Silver coins saying “hurry please” and then heads off in
the direction of the sound <as> (Hide
17) (Listen9) (spot +7)



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