Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 8: 25th Bloom, Waterday

As their attackers float lifeless in the water Ulszom moves in to take a closer look. Looking thoughtful he mutters unintelligibly in a foreign tongue before turning to Answulf and Lyle and saying (knowledge (local) 19 (14+5)) “Sea Devils. Vicious creatures though not as stupid as you might have heard. In fact a damn sight smarter than most sailors I’ve ever come across”. He looks around peering into the darkness and cocking his ear to listen. A hunted-look painted plainly on his face.
“We need to coordinate our skills better. You two are obviously used to fighting together but you need to leave some room for me. Leave just enough room for me to fight between you but not enough for anyone to get through without you being able to clobber them.”
He looks around nervously before his eyes come to rest on the creature Answulf and Lyle have been talking too. “What are you then?” He peers at the creature mumbling to himself and gesturing towards it with his newly acquired Trident (knowledge (local/the planes) 15 (10+5))…

Ulszom recognises the creature as a rarely seen Triton (knowledge, the planes), and that they are enemies of the Sahuagin but can recall nothing else.

The Triton has introduced its self as Quillan, speaking rather good common. Its silvery skin fades into silver-blue scales on the lower half of its body; its hair is deep blue-green. It looks to Answulf and Lyle like a male version of the classic mermaid that they have heard about from drunken sailors – before rolling them for their coin…

Ulszom eyes widen in recognition “A Triton. That’s what you are.” Turning back to Answulf and Lyle he says “He’s a Triton. They don’t like Sea Devils much so I think we can trust him to lead us to where we can do them most harm”. Turning back to the Triton he eyes it warily while glancing furtively in every direction.
Answulf chuckles slightly to himself before saying to the Triton “Excuse my friend he’s a little…different. It seems you’re the key to us collecting our bounty. Lead on we’ve Sea Devils to track down”



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