Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 12: 18th Sun

The deadly shadows in retreat

As they scramble away from the haunted castle. Ulszom flicks through the journal and ledger they found trying to unravel the mysteries they contain…

Answulf turns to Lyle and whispers “I’m not keen to face ghosts without some sort of magic weapon. Perhaps we should go see if we can hurry those smiths along making our morning stars. Maybe a few extra coins would speed things along”

We don’t have the coin to rush the production and get them enchanted… maybe we should look at getting a wand of some magical properties for Dr Magic man over there. (Lyle points at Ulszom) come to think of it we probably can’t afford that either maybe we will have to hang our hats on a scroll or two or maybe we should go rob the extra coin for one of those shivel dealers working the poor quarter
Ulszom looks up from the journal “ I can enchant our weapons for a few minutes at a time”

Answulf smiles “That aside redistributing the ill-gotten gains of Shivel dealers might not be such a bad idea”



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