Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 10: 27th Bloom, Fireday

The deadly shadows strike again

Lyles says “here, do you think we should take her somewhere other than our rented accommodation? Where ever we take her, we need to make sure we are not seen leaving the warrens and most assuredly not seen with her anywhere.”
“The Ghostly Minstrel is a nice public place. The last place anyone would think to look. I think we should take her there. We can rent another room for three. We need space for Sulsan and Sumar anyway”
Answulf hefts the woman over his shoulder. “We should split up.” He grins. “We’ll look less like a couple of rogues on our own”.
“You book us that extra room and get Ulszom to meet me outside with the key”

After stripping the bodies of Norben and his fellows of anything of value you leave their hacked and broken corpses to the rats (and worse) in the Warrens. The half-elf woman they were escorting tries to get up and her hand slips in a pool of blood sending her back down to the muddy track with a splat and a groan, thankfully all the cobbles have been stolen long ago by enterprising residents. Answulf helps her up and finds that she can stagger along with his aid, and makes no protest to being led, still clearly drugged. You leave the Warrens and split up, Lyle is able to take a more direct route and makes it back to the Ghostly Minstrel in twenty five minutes, and Answulf avoiding the main streets and other pedestrians takes around forty.

An extra three berth room is booked two doors down from your current room on the second floor, Ulszom waits for Answulf outside the front observing the nightlife of Delvers Square as it passes him by. A procession of dangerous and hard faced delvers intermingled with wide-eyed wannabes and the parasites that prey on them.

Arriving back at the Ghostly Minstrel Answulf asks Ulszom to use his “cleaning magic” on the two of them before heading up to the room Ulszom directs him to. Tucking the half-elf into one of the beds and leaving Sulsan and Sumar to watch over her he heads to his own room two doors down to consult with Lyle and take stock.

“We need to question her when she has recovered and find out why they wanted her. What did we get Lyle? Has Ulszom identified it?”

Ulszom heals Lyle and Answulf of their injuries (Cure Minor (1hp) on Lyle and 2 x Cure Light (13hp) on Answulf. Using his pearls.), then cast detect magic on the items Lyle recovered.

That’s 11,372xp so 5th level all round. I’ve updated Answulf’s and Ulszom’s trackers.

Ben, Can you work out what our room and board will cost up to the end of Growth. We’ve paid for room and board for Ulszom, Answulf and Lyle up to the 7th of Sun. So we need to pay for three lots of room and board from 8th Sun to the end of Growth and three lots of room and board from 25th Bloom to the end of Growth. We may only have Sulsan and Sumar regular but it’s good to have a spare bought and paid for.

OOC: Ulszom can identify the items – Rich can you remove 200gp from your funds please.
Potion of Protection from Arrows (3rd)
Flask of Acid
Flask of Alchemists Fire
3 doses of poison – Medium spider venom DC14 1d4 str/1d4 str
Magic bronze ring, with diamond inset on the inner rim – Gather Information +5 competence bonus
Short sword +1
M/W Dagger, Rapier & Studded Leather

Accom. Room Board Days GP
Basic (3) 1.5 1.2 66 80.7
Middle (3) 2.1 1.2 52 64.5

Lyle, Answulf & Ulszom have a better room – windows cost!

I have taken 20pp off for the Identifies, 10pp 40gp 52sp for the room and board.

I have nicked the ring as I have the ranks in Gather information (if you want the ring on any of your characters just say) I put the poison on my character sheet and hand the potion of protection from arrows to Answulf as he is the broad side of the barn after all? Acid and alchemists fire to Ulszom?

The rest we sell?

Answulf nods “Yes you keep the ring. Let’s sell the Short sword, Dagger, Rapier and Studded Leather. Then find out if we can get our armour enchanted unless we can get mithral chain shirts in a hurry. I’m getting a bit nervous with our growing list of enemies!”

Works for me. We need to speak to the woman and find out what the hell we have stumbled in to this time.
“Let’s get some sleep and talk to her in the morning. I don’t think we’ll get much out of her at the moment.” Answulf wedges his bed against the door then turns in for the night.

  • The half-elf woman identifies herself as Biesta Cran, half sister to Torridan and Linech Cran
  • Biesta admits that Linech is a bit shady and that he has dealings with the Balacazar crime family
  • She also asks after her lover, the dark elf mage Shilukar. He apprently loaned Linech considerable sums of money and gifted him with the gold statue of Lord Abercombe
  • You check on Elga Kord the Balacazar district boss of Rivergate and discover that she’s sending a couple of goons to try and find Linech. You follow them to the burrow – it seems everyone is looking for him
  • You stop the goons from roughing up a family that lived in the burrow, Kyle takes a nasty double hit but lives to fight another day. One goon is captured but dosen’t provide much insight



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