Ptolus - the city by the spire

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Session 1: 4th day of Bloom, Queensday

Slight error in my timings, I’ve had to move the date forward by a couple of days, it means that the following day is actually Theoday. In fact by the time you reach St. Gustav’s it will be chiming midnight.
Shared XP
• Saved Mylan from her wife beating husband, Kedra. 150
• Destroying guardian vine at the rear of Kurd’s house. 300
• Defeating Kurd. 150
• Rescuing Phon from the secret cell. 300
• Brutal murder of Kurd. Full XP given for defeat.
• Inspired use of hot coals against the vine. 75
• Classic use of Halfling wit. 75
Answulf: 525
Lyle: 525

Session 1.5: 5th day of Bloom, Theoday

As we walk with Phon to St. Gustav’s:
With Phon’s delicate hand grasped firmly in his Answulf reaches down and hoists Lyle onto his shoulder. Noticing Lyle wincing and conscious of his own injuries, he says to Lyle loudly (so Phon can hear), “you spose those holy types at St Gustav’s will be pleased enough at our returnin one of their flock to heal our wounds for nothin”.

Careful not to look at Phon Answulf reaches into his shirt and pulls out Glucksratte. Looking the young Dire Rat in the eyes he kisses it on the nose, “what do you think boy. A hot meal wouldn’t go a miss either eh”.

Tucking Glucksratte back into his shirt Answulf cast a look at Phon coupled with a broad smile and a wink. Turning his eyes back to the road ahead he begins to whistle tunelessly…
Phon seems a little less shocked and suspicious and gives your hand a gentle squeeze back ‘Brother Fabitor is very kind and a good man, I’m sure he will help you’.
It takes you a good fifteen minutes or so to reach St. Gustav’s in Midtown, you follow Bridge Street up to Lower God Row hang a right and then a left onto a side street that brings you round the side of the chapel which is set in apart from the surrounding buildings on Centre Street. Opposite it are the Midtown watch-house, the famous Delvers Square and the 14’ statue of the hero Abesh Runihan standing above a round fountain. Despite the late hour the square is fairly busy, with a number of well-armed individuals coming and going, many you suspect to Tavern Row further up Centre Street. Across the street two city watch guards eye the passing crowd with practiced indifference.

St. Gustav’s is a rather curiously shaped building; a single story and stone built irregular octagon with irregular hexagons sticking out from four opposite sides. Approximately 90’ across at its widest it looks rather shabby and run down considering it’s a church of Lothian. Heavy wooden double doors are firmly closed in the centre of the southeast hexagon and it is seemingly aligned on a northwest to southeast axis. A small brass bell hangs on an iron chain to the side of the door
Slightly concerned with Lyle’s prolonged silence and fearing that his injuries are worse than they look Answulf reaches for the bell and gives it a vigorous shake. He follows with three heavy thumps on the door with his meaty fist. Pushing Glucksratte firmly back down inside his shirt. He whispers ‘Keep your head down boy. We don’t want these Lothianites mistakin yer for one of those ratmen and chopping of yer tail. Much as Lyle an I could do with the three gold thrones we’ll not let no harm come to yer’. With no sign of anyone actually opening the door he thumps the door twice more, harder this time, and bellows ‘Come on open up’.
Despite its obvious thickness the door rattles slightly as Answulf hammers on it with his ham sized fist. No more than a few moments later a muffled voice sounds from behind the thick wood ‘for the love of Lothian, why not bring a battering ram’! You all hear the sound of a bar being drawn back and a key turning in a lock.

The right hand door is opened wide enough to allow a sliver of lantern light illuminate you against the midnight dark. In the doorway you see a dishevelled looking human male in woollen britches; a shade less than six feet with shoulder length brown hair tied back in an untidy ponytail. He has a strong careworn face, which you guess probably makes him look older than he really is. He has a loaded crossbow casually levelled at you but as soon as he sees Phon he quickly raises it up and points it at Answulf’s chest, his eyes narrow ‘Phon, are you well, who are these ruffian’s’?
Answulf lets go of Phon’s hand and draws himself up to his full height. Looking slowly down at the man he gives him a broad grin. Then waits patiently for Phon to respond.
Phon steps round Answulf and Lyle, in a slightly quivering voice she says ’it’s true brother Fabitor, these men did save me’. Phon then launches into a rapid and detailed description of how she came to be kidnapped and chained in Kurd’s hidden cell, and her rescue by you.

After hearing her tale brother Fabitor lowers his crossbow and gathers Phon into a fatherly embrace, and with his arm around her shoulders he leads her into the chapel. Turning he says to both of you ‘well come on don’t let the draft in and make sure you lock that door behind you; the night is full of thieves’.

Once inside brother Fabitor picks up a lantern which illuminates the inside of the chapel for about 30’. A couple of steps lead down to the main worship area which has rows of rough benches; he crosses this to the northeast wall which has an enormous tapestry in several sections running its length. On the tapestry are scenes that depict (you assume) Lothian ascending to godhood while a plate armoured warrior defends the helpless with a huge shield against numerous evil beings.

Overall the fabric of the chapel seems to be rather worn, and you spot a few strategically placed buckets, that are presumably to catch drips from the roof. The ceiling is made up of four barrel vaults and the central grand vault, which culminates in a groin vault. Much of the whitewashed plaster has blackened with age and damp; the whole place has a faint musty smell.

He leads you along the tapestry until you reach about two-thirds of the way at which point he slips through the gap were two sections meet and holds the flap open for you, beyond you see an open doorway leading into a shadowy office.
Answulf will follow Brother Fabitor into the chapel, closing the door and locking it once their all inside. Looking around at the less than affluent structure Answulf whispers to Lyle “Don’t know why he’s wurried bout thieves there ain’t nothin here wurth stealin!” He then follows Brother Fabitor’s
through the chapel to his office.

Session 2: 5th day of Bloom, Theoday

Summary & XP
Answulf and Lyle healed by Brother Fabitor Thisk, and leave Phon in his care at St. Gustav’s. He gives you 1gp.
Investigate the ‘Red Warehouse’, break in and cover their tracks.
Return to Kurds house; find the hidden stash 10pp and Answulf takes two random medical journals.
Meet Klaus in the ‘Vulgar Unicorn’ and give him 8pp, he tells Lyle that
Nagrus wants to see them, and they should go or leave town.
Visit with Nagrus and accept his offer to pay off 50gp blood money to Kedra by doing a job for him the following day.
Meet Grack, Brack, ‘Crazy’ Gloin, Kedra and unnamed Uraqi.
Sleep rough in the Warrens.
Sell acid in ‘Exotic Market’, 30gp.
Buy oversized and undersized leather armour from ’Taran’s Outsized Outfitters’.
Buy oversized and undersized weapons from ’Rastor’s’, 1gp owed.
Return to ‘Red Warehouse’, ambush Vagger and Laucio. Both killed along with the dog. Bodies hidden in crates in the warehouse.
Took: M/W mty +1 comp. long bow, long sword and 20 arrows. M/W short sword, short bow and 20 arrows. Gold ring, ‘Elf friend’ in elven. Potion. Cash.
Back to St. Gustav’s, Answulf healed by Fabitor, 5gp donation from Lyle.
Gather information about Vagger and Laucio at: The Griffin, The Goat and The Onyx Spider; Lyle gets information from Uraqi knife as to their residence.
Followed his directions; Birch Street in Katterwood, Midtown.
750xp each.
“I’ve been thinking”
“Those weapons we “found” ort to be worth a pretty penny. Pennies we could use to settle a few things and make ourselves a few “friends. How’s about we sell them to Rastor first thing in the morning. We owe him a gold but I think he’ll be a useful friend and he did give us a real good deal so maybe we should pay him back a platinum by way of thanks for him trusting us to be good for the gold piece.”
“I think it’s time we moved out of the Warren but I can’t see us being able to afford to stay in an inn every night. That old Brother Fabitor looks like he could do with a couple of “caretakers” and that divine healing of his is mighty handy. How’s about we take some of those pennies and give him a more generous donation say 50 gold. We could offer to help him keep St. Gustav’s in order in exchange for letting us live there. It’s a big old place and it’s safe".
“I think we need to settle things with Klaus and move on. He’s a good friend, but we’ve paid our debt and he’s robbing us blind. Let’s give him 40 gold and tell him we are moving out of the Warren but we will keep in touch.”
“Kedra…He’s a wife beater and can drop dead for all I care. I don’t want to be doing favours for Nagrus cos of him. Let’s pay him his 50 gold and be done with it. If he bothers us again we finish him and pay blood money to Nagrus and his wife. We should give Nagrus 50 gold as well to keep on his good side. Then cos we agreed to we should do this job for him but as a personal favour we don’t
want him thinking we are welching out.”
“So if you think these are good ideas you need to get at least 200 gold for those weapons. Think you can do that? If you get a bit extra maybe we can find us some better armour. I’ve already got a hole in this”. <answulf>
“I had a thought about finding out a little more about who Vagger and Laucio work for. We could ask the guys selling the mugs who we need to speak to too buy a stock cos we are thinking of opening a tavern. Then say he your boss then? Must make a good livin from such a lucrative business so close to Tavern Row to try and find out the owners name and maybe where he lives. Vagger and Lucio had a key to the warehouse I’m guessing that means there is a good chance the owner is in on this.”

OOC: Updated Tracker attached. Rich, I take it you have a record of the ring, potion and cash I’ve got the weapons. Ben can we assume we have stayed a night in The Griffin and are now heading back to St Gustav’s.

To Lyle "I must have missed Klaus’ disposing us of our obligation. That’s good news and some gold we need not spend. I think the Brother might be amenable to us acting as “caretakers” despite his assertions that he lives alone. We should at least try. I’d feel happier moving out of the Warren if
I knew I had somewhere safe to move to."
“If Kedra does meet his end I’m sure we will be somewhere nearby to take the gold back and it would shift the suspicion away from us for the very reasons you describe. At the same time I’m guessing it would keep Nagrus sweet”
“Don’t mean you can go too easy on Rastor though. Get the best price you can whether we need it or not. I’d rather give him some back on our terms than not have the gold in the first place.”
-————————— LYLE
Lyle says " Not a bad bunch of thoughts there my eastern wanderer, one or two slight over sights I feel though friend. Klaus has freed me of any obligation already, he paid me a final sum of 2 pp and wished me well waste not want not I say he has had his dues over the years, also that Brother
Fabitor wasn’t keen on having anyone stay inside his pokey shrine. <lyle>
We do owe a debt to the weapons dealer though and your right we could use that sort of friend, things have been heating up around here these last few days. That fucker Hedra may find himself face down in the dirt of the Undercity one day not too far from now and it would be a shame if someone took the gold we gave him. <lyle>
Yea your right we should pay our debts and move away from working for others who take a cut for doing sod all. Let’s go sell these weapons and see if there is enough to do as you think."
Lyle ponders aloud <in> mayhap I should get something for my gold, I could give Kedra his 50g and his wife a tumble it would be at least a year before he realised he was paying for my bastard, <lyle>.

Session 2.5: 6th day of Bloom, Theoday

You both spend a comfortable night in rooms at The Griffon, and enjoy a hot meal of meat pie, carrots and soft dumplings, washed down with ale that doesn’t taste like it’s been mixed with lamp oil, unlike the slops in the Vulgar Unicorn. The price of 5gp would have been a fortune 24 hours ago, but it would seem that your luck has improved since you did that job for Klaus. After a breakfast of cold ham, cheese, fresh bread and goat’s milk you bid your host Nella Schaun (female, human) farewell and step out onto Tavern Row.
Turning left you head in the direction of St. Gustav’s, with Lyle in his customary position atop Answulf’s shoulder, you discuss what has happened over the last couple of days and begin to make plans for selling the weapons and the meeting with Nagrus later that day. With a spring in his step Answulf greets all manner of folk with a cheery “good morning” and gets a few ‘well met’ and ‘likewise’ in return, but mainly curious stares from the morning crowds.
As you reach Centre Street, by the Midtown Fire House, the human(oid) traffic becomes even busier, flowing in all directions. You turn left into the throng, easily forcing a path when a voice with a hint of an Uraqi accent calls out from close behind you, “how is the messenger business this fine morning”?
Lyle says without turning or pause “ the same as it was last night, a complete bastard, as finding the folk who need messages delivering to them seems to be near impossible, or maybe I’m being told the wrong places in which to find them? How’s your knife arm after its work out?” Lyle adjusts his hand position on Answulf’s shoulder lightly placing his hand down he applies more pressure on his 2nd finger from the left hoping that Answulf remembers that means to be wary but not overly hostile. Turning on his perch Lyle looks the man in the eyes and says “ so you happen to be heading my way or have I got an admirer cos I ‘ave to tell ya I don’t like men in that way. Or maybe you’re feeling guilty for duping me and sending me on a wild goose chase?
From your perch you look down on the small swarthy Uraqi that you spoke to the previous night, he wears the same dark brown studded leather with black enamel rivets and has a pair of fine looking daggers sheathed at his belt. “It would seem that some folk are easier to find than others and
unfortunately my knife arm is lacking in practice as I had to cut short my time in the Onyx Spider”.
Bows low he touches his right hand to his heart, “but forgive me I have not introduced myself, I am Rajaz and I would be delighted if you would accept my hospitality by way of an apology – I know a charming little place that serves delightful sweet baklava and bitter coffee – it is very close”.
He smiles as Lyle addresses him showing a perfect row of bright white teeth, “do not worry my young friend I can assure you that neither of you are my type, your virtue is entirely safe should you accept my invitation”.
Answulf looks the Uraqi up and down considering him for a moment <sense>. “Lyle, I don’t see as it can do any harm if he’s paying. I reckon you could take him if he tries to make you his bitch”. Answulf’s broad smile never leaves his face <bluff>. He holds out his hand to the Uraqi. “Pleased to meet you Rajaz. I’m Answulf and this is Lyle. Despite my recent breakfast I find myself very hungry and very thirsty. Lead on!” <diplomacy>
OOC: Uraqi are Orcs?
Uraq is a country far to the south west of Ptolus across the southern sea. Uraqi’s are its people rather than a particular race.
OOC: Uraq/Uraqi is as Mark describes and it is roughly analogous to the medieval Middle East. Uraq was once the centre of a vast empire which has long since vanished under the sands.
/OOC: Rajaz gives a loud and genuine sounding laugh at the joke and gives the proffered hand a firm shake, despite his own disappearing in Answulf’s bear-like grasp. After releasing the grip he looks up at Lyle and offers his hand though he has to fully extend his arm to reach. You get the impression that he holds you no obvious malice but that he is still wary, the thumb of his left hand is hooked casually into his belt near his dagger.
“Well then shall we be off before the growling of your belly summons the watch”, Rajaz turns down Centre Street towards the South Market (away from St. Gustav’s).
OOC: Ahh good news! Sense Motive +9 and Bluff +6 then.
Answulf walks alongside Rajaz, Lyle “between” them on his shoulder. "So Rajaz what brings you from your desert to our fine “sunny” city?"
Lyle will sit and listen to the banter occurring between Answulf and Rajaz keeping his eyes firmly on the Uraq.
“What brought me here”? Rajaz muses, “well it must have been the fine weather” he draws his woollen cloak tighter and gives an exaggerated shiver. You both notice that unlike the few other Uraqi’s that you have seen Rajaz does not favour flamboyant ethnic dress, in fact his clothing is like that of a Ptolus native. He leads on and keeps up a stream of friendly banter, and Answulf notices that he seems very careful to limit the conversation to rather bland pleasantries and observations.
After a few minutes you stop by the corner of Centre Street and Emperor’s Road at what is little more than a simple wooden shack abutted to a number of brick built ovens, a few simple fold up tables and chairs have been put out and all but one are taken. At one sit three male dwarves, two are richly dressed and appear to be reviewing a pile of papers while one in golden hauberk sips from a tiny clay cup all the while scanning the passing crowd. The other has a mixed group of two male humans in travel worn and mud spattered clothing and a dark haired female half-elf in a fine emerald green gown and light cloak all of whom laugh and seem to be sharing some great
joke. One thing both tables have in common are a collection of cups and plates, some with half eaten cakes.
In front of the ovens a temporary counter has been set up and on it sits wooden platters heaped with all manner of sticky sweet pastries and morning rolls, the other significant feature is a large silver urn with numerous pipes protruding at various places, a thin stream of steam escapes from a
faintly rattling lid. Behind the counter a human man and woman are in the middle of a heated
argument, the woman waves a rolling pin with worrying vigour at the man and he in return he brandishes a pair of clay cups. Rajaz looks at you both and smiles “ignore the show, it is always like this” he indicates to the free table “be seated and I shall order, if you have no objections?”
“Just one thing, do you take your coffee dwarven or northern?”
“I’ve never tried Dwarven coffee. Does it taste of dirt? Don’t matter I’ll have it anyway. And one of those, one of those, one of those”. Answulf grins broadly at Rajaz. “I hope you have a full purse. One of those. One of those and…” He glances at Rajaz out of the corner of his eye still smiling. “Ahh
I guess that will do for now”. He sits back in one of the chairs smiling broadly, watching the crowds go by and considering the female half-elf. “Life is good” he sighs loudly. “So what can Lyle and I do for you?”
“Like dirt? My friend, Dwarves drink coffee that is strong and bitter” he gives Answulf a conspiratorial wink “it seems appropriate, no?” Rajaz orders quickly and returns to your table.
“What can you do for me? It is a good question and at the moment I am undecided” he pauses while a tray of pastries and drinks are delivered by the now beaming woman from behind the counter. He passes a large plate piled high to Answulf and a cup that looks like it should belong to a child, he
then passes much bigger mug to Lyle, he takes a tiny cup himself. “Truly I am more curious as to why you both went to such lengths to disguise your interest in Laucio and Vagger, let us have honesty between friends – there is no message to deliver is there?” he sips from his cup and gives a
contented smile “your real reason please and I will give the real address”.
Answulf takes the tiny cup between finger and thumb and swirls the viscous contents whilst stuffing one of the pastries into his mouth. Eyeing the thick dark liquid suspiciously he says to Rajaz his tone suddenly serious. “You’ll understand if we don’t want to go into too much detail with someone
we don’t know?” He pauses turning his gaze to look Rajaz straight in the eye. “Where we come from a word in the wrong ear is as good as a knife in the ribs and none of us want that do we?” Answulf downs the bitter coffee between mouthfuls of pastries his face momentarily grimacing at the gritty taste. "Lyle and I found out that Laucio and Vagger were interested in “buying” a friend of ours." He spits in the dirt at his feet taking the opportunity to clear some of the gritty substance from his mouth. "As you can imagine we were a little disheartened to hear about this turn of events and thought we might meet with them to “discuss” said purchase over a nice cup of coffee". He smiles broadly cracking his huge knuckles before snatching up another pastry. "So as you can see we do have a “message” to deliver." He returns Rajaz’s conspiratorial wink. “Though I’m guessing not the sort they will be keen to hear.”
OOC:\ Bluff +6, Diplomacy +3, Intimidate +1, Sense Motive +9

Session 3: 6th day of Bloom, Kingsday (AM to Late evening)

Slept at The Griffon and enjoyed the best and most comfortable nights rest to date.
Both enjoyed a second breakfast with Rajaz at Ramoro’s Bakery.
He gave you the name and address of Vagger and Laucio’s boss in exchange for the ‘real’ reason that you are after them – you omit the fact that they are already dead.
Their boss is Toridan Cran, his house is on Nar Street in Midtown – they lived with him.
You collected the stored weapons from Brother Fabitor.
Answulf saved an ‘unnamed’ human warrior who was carried into St. Gustav’s bleeding to death after being attacked by a Ratman the size of an Ogre. He and his three companions (a human, a half-elf and an elf) had been collecting Ratman tails for the bounty. The elf tells you that there is an unlocked sewer entrance on Ingot Street.
Lyle sold the weapons to Rastor for 380gp, payment is taken in Platinum.
35pp are stashed with Brother Fabitor and 1pp is given to him as a donation, he wearily makes it clear (you think he has made this speech many times before) that this is the last favour that he will do for you.
You eat a sumptuous lunch at The Ghostly Minstrel in Delvers Square and drink heavily.
Visit Nagrus and agree to do the job for him as a ‘favour’ and in doing so become his ‘friends’ and pay off the blood debt to Kedra. The task is to get rid of a pimp by the name of Gaxtan who has an operation in Midtown next to the Docks. Lyle has heard of Gaxtan and has a good idea of where he operates and what he looks like, he also knows that he works for the Balacazar crime family – like Nagrus. But, he also knows that the Kevris Killraven crime syndicate has been making inroads into Balacazar business recently. Lyle gets into an argument with Gloin and Answulf backs him up, only Nagrus’ influence over Gloin stops a fight from breaking out.
On the way out you get a friendly warning from Grack not to antagonise Gloin as he is much more dangerous than Kedra.
Took a walk to the Docks and Answulf had a Blitz (a vile and dangerous cocktail) in the Savage Shark tavern to steady his nerves after the argument with Gloin.
Had a quick stroll around and decided to wait until nightfall in the Midtown/Docks warehouse district.
Answulf and Lyle hatched a plan to ambush Gaxtan that night. Lyle approached two ladies of the night and made a nuisance of himself with his customary halfling wit. They shouted for Gaxtan who, with two thugs in tow, chased Lyle down an alley between two warehouses. Just as the thugs caught up with Lyle he turned and ran one very surprised thug through with his sword. Answulf leapt out at the trailing Gaxtan but over-swung and missed. A desperate battle ensued with all the combatants hampered by the tight confines of the alley and the darkness. After some wild swinging Answulf chopped down Gaxtan and Lyle managed to bring down the other thug, for once without any injury to the ‘heroes’.
From the corpses, total; 42gp 54sp, a thick silver chain, two gold rings and both Gaytan’s testicles…
XP: 675 each.
After rifling the pockets of the dead pimps you dashed down the alley away from the strumpets that Lyle mocked and molested. Following your usual modus operandi you separated, agreeing to meet on the other side of the Salt Street Bridge at the edge of the Warrens. Testicles in hand Lyle goes left and Answulf goes right.
You reached the meeting point, an old wooden posting board that is covered in peeling hand bills, at roughly the same time. Beneath it sits a filthy hunched figure dressed in rags, with a roughly made crutch by his side. He calls out to the people passing over the bridge, ‘spare a copper for a veteran gentle-folk’, giving his tin cup a pitiful shake ‘spare a copper for a man wot’ lost ‘iz leg in the gnoll war’. All hurry by quickly, a mixture of disgust and embarrassment evident on their faces.
One proclamation catches your eye, having seen it before, plastered all over Delvers Square.
Lyle tucks the small package he made from the rags of the pimps clothing in to his top and heads off stopping only a second to wash his hands clean in a puddle.
Upon reaching the agreed place and seeing his friend he jogs up to him and grabs hold of Answulfs finger waiting to be hosted up…
Catching his breath he says we need to stop by delvers square and buy some drink I think one bottle of dwarven spirits and two skins of their ale… plus whatever you want to drink friend then be getting back to our “friend” to deliver a few presents. Lyle rifles his many hiding places before pulling two copper coins and tossing them towards the hunched figure. Slapping Answulf on the back and switching to eastern he congratulates him on a job well done.
As the pair of friends head towards delvers square Lyle glances back and takes note of the proclamation, which was a wanted poster for Shilukar.
Answulf back to his jovial self, following their exertions taps Lyle on the leg “Give im a couple more Lyle. Generosity brings it’s own rewards”. Smiling broadly whilst he waits for Lyle to locate two more coppers “I think I’ll give the dwarven stuff a miss for the time being. I don’t think it does me judgement any good!”

With the tinkle of copper on tin ringing in his ears he turns and heads toward The Ghostly Minstrel to purchase the drink before making his way toward the Warren and Nagrus place. He greets people he passes with a hearty “Gud Evnin” and broad smile.
Lyle throws a few more coppers near to the beggar saying “Okay friend but we will still need the spirits and the ale if you think you can manage to purchase the goods without sampling them then I’m not one to encourage you” Lyle settles down to the journey ahead thinking on the days evens he says in eastern “if Nagrus hasn’t set us up as a joke or some kind of sick vengeance then that pimp deserved to have his nuts removed while he was still alive…. “
When the first two coins hit the cup the beggar looks up at Lyle and gives him a rotten toothed grin from beneath a tattered hood ’Lothian’s blessings on you for your charity sir’. When the second pair are dropped into the cup he quickly scoops them out and stuffs them in his filthily threadbare shirt, ’you’re a veritable pair o’ saints, that’s what you are, real gents’.

As you amble off towards Delvers Square the beggar calls after you, ‘some advice for your kindness sirs, watch out for Gnolls in the Guildsman’s district, bloody great blue ones’.

OOC: Unless you say otherwise I’ll assume you get the booze in The Ghostly Minstrel and head for the Warrens to meet with Nagrus?

Answulf nods to the beggar “Thanks for the warning we’ll keep an eye if we’re out that way and maybe bring you a big blue leg to replace the one they took”

OOC:\ Yep after we have picked up the booze we will head straight for the Warrens and Nagrus. >>>Fast forward>>>. As a short term heads up for the GM (unless anything else is put in our path) I’m thinking our next visit will be to Brother Fabitor to ask about the rat tail bounty, see if we can buy two scrolls of cure light wounds from him (I can use them because they are on my spell list and Lyle has UMD. So one each for emergencies) and stash some stuff, a quick shop for torches (I’d also like to get a MW chain shirt but that may have to wait unless I’m lucky and Lyle is feeling generous with our coin) then down into the sewers to get us some tail…Toridan Cran can stew a little while wondering what happened to his thugs before we pounce to find out what he is up to.

Session 4:
Session 5: Ptolus; midday 7th Bloom, Airday - morning 8th Bloom, Waterday

Met with Ridithan Clearsight, Eltas Gunderman, Brommell Fourfield and Tadic Graelson in The Ghostly Minstrel. Discussed a joint venture into the sewers to clear a nest of Ratmen.

Visit the Undermarket beneath Delvers Square. Bought face cream at ‘Potions & Elixirs’. Got a box of tracking powder from Vladimir and Taltos Urnst at ‘Urnst, Alchemist’ for sharing Answulf’s improvement. Lyle bought two daggers from tiefling, but turned down offer of information on rather more unsavoury items.

Visited with brother Fabitor, he agreed to cast Deeper Darkness in the morning.

Spent a night in The Ghostly Minstrel.

Brother Fabitor cast Deeper Darkness on Lyle’s dagger.

Met new friends at the sewer entrance in the Guildsmans district. Climb down into sub-tunnel Answulf and Lyle scout five minutes ahead of the party. Journey to the ambush sight takes about ten minutes. Lyle spots Ratmen guards, who flee. Answulf tracks them. Cross stream and pass the collapsed entrance, double back and Lyle crosses the entrance, while Answulf hides at the corner.

Fight with Ratmen in the rubble, kill six.

Enter the nest; Answulf placates a group of Dire Rats.
Fights with more Ratmen, a number of very loud shots are fired. Kill six small ones and a larger one, plus two swarms of normal rats. Two small ones and a large one flee to the south. Brommell and Tadic are incapacitated, but then stabilised and healed by Lyle and Answulf. Answulf is healed by Lyle.
The healing so far took around thirty seconds.

1450xp each.

Answulf will whisper to the others “Ready yourselves. The Ratmen are likely to be back any moment with reinforcements. Eltas cut the tails from those two Ratmen and check them for valuables. Ridithan, Brommell you do those four Lyle killed and fetch Lyle’s daggers while you are at it. Tadic you keep watch”.

Then to Lyle in Eastern “Can you do some more healing? Tadic and Brommell don’t look too good and this slash that SOaB gave me is still bleeding.” Answulf will then move quickly over to the larger ratman. Pick up its dragon pistol, chop off its tail and search it for valuables.
The fetid air mingles with the acrid black-powder smoke from the discharge of the two larger ratmen’s dragon pistols. All except Lyle are bent over, Answulf almost double, and finding it difficult to move without one’s head and shoulders scraping on the slick slimy ceiling. Fouled water drips down continuously and you hear the pool in the centre of the chamber lapping gently at its edges, still disturbed by the passage of the fleeing ratmen that swam through it, to escape down a passageway to the south. The shadowy gloom cast from Lyles dagger allows you only to see the vague outlines of each other until you are within a sword length, and even then it is hard to make out any details

Tadic, still bleeding from hundreds of small bites winces audibly as he moves to the edge of the pool, his long-sword and hand-axe at the ready. You hear meaty ‘thunks’ as Eltas’ battle-axe rises and falls, chopping of rat tails. Ridithan hands something to Brommell and whispers ‘drink this’ as they move over to the other ratmen corpses. Answulf slips and slides in the filthy trash over to the largest of the ratmen and fumbling around picks up his pistol. Even years of dwelling in the Warrens has not prepared Answulf for the stench of a ratman up close, and as you move his rotten and tattered clothing aside Answulf’s skin prickles unmistakably with the sensation of fleas finding a new home. At the ratman’s belt Answulf recovers a water-tight powder-horn and a small pouch containing lead shot, perhaps six or seven balls.

Faint screeching and squeaking begins to echo back down from the tunnel to the south and is answered by other louder voices somewhere to the east, seeming to grow in confidence the voices to the south increase in volume and their excitement clearly builds in response. You hear a whip crack sharply like a gunshot, and the sound reverberates through the low cavern. All around you the sounds of rattish voices can be heard calling to each other…
Once he has gathered the ratmans meagre belongings and his tail Answulf scrambles back through the fetid cavern toward the more spacious tunnel they entered through (O1). When he reaches the northern edge of the pool (M4) and the ceiling begins to rise he throws his sunrod toward the southern tunnel (N8). Despite the distance Answulf hits the target (AC6) the sunrod resting
against the wall about 5’ to the west of the south tunnel.

“Everyone back to the entrance this low ceiling is a death trap. Tadic, Ridithan get you bows out and focus on taking out any ratmen with missile weapons. Eltas I want you to the front with me but first throw your sunrod”
Answulf points to the north of the pool (N4). “Lyle I think you would be best to the north behind Tadic and Ridithan. Keep an eye and ear out for them coming from the rear and sheath your dagger they know we are here now I think we are better of being able to see properly. Brommell your with Lyle. Throw your sunrod into the middle of the room to the north”.

Moving toward the tunnel (O1) Answulf beckons them all to hurry “Stay together and stay in the tunnel we need to narrow our frontage there are more of them than us”

Session 6: morning 8th Bloom, Airday

8 Goblins & 6 Dire Rats fought and killed in the large room with the pool and the access passage.

6 Ratlings killed & 1 Ratlord flees in the large room with the pool.
1 Giant Molerat & 8 Ratlings (Tadic surrounded and killed) killed in the room with the rubble.

Dart trap discovered and ‘dodged’ by Lyle.

Giant Molerat nest found and searched, uncovered silver medallion set with small diamonds.

4 Ratlings ambushed while waiting in ambush.

1 Albino Ratlord & 2 Ratbrutes tricked out of hiding, backstabbed, made to flee, hacked down and wrestled by Answulf!!! 4 Ratlings flee. A chest in the Albinos room contains thousands of coins, jewels and other treasures.

XP each: 2080

Session 7: mid-day 8th Bloom, Airday

As you relax in the steam filled bath house on Tavern Row your thoughts turn to the division of the loot gained in the raid on the Ratman nest. Hot water and soap can remove the external signs but the internal traces of the harrowing experience remain as you reflect on the recent events – furious and chaotic running battles, victory and also loss.

Ridithan seems strangely quiet and in an introspective mood, while Brommall larks around splashing and joking with Eltas, however Eltas ignores him and is as quiet as Ridithan but with a haunted look in his eyes.

1000 xp each.

A thorough search of the chest reveals the following:

Silver medallion set with small diamonds 340gp
2 Dragon pistols
M/W Dragon pistol
M/W Heavy mace
M/W Studded leather
Wand (Rat Priestess)
Pearl earring 75gp
13gp (already taken by Lyle)
Scroll – divine, Summon Monster III
Scroll tube – 140gp & 329sp (this can be hidden from Ridithan et al).
Scroll tube – map
3 pairs of manacles
M/W Whip
Gold amulet 200gp
2 potions (the same type)
3 potions (all different)
9 gems 50gp each
Gold idol of Lothian 275gp
Silver ring with large Opal 300gp (hidden at the bottom of the chest)
Wand (from the chest)
54 rat tails & 3 big rat tails

Looking at the chest Answulf says “You know what if we took the contents of that chest and turned it all into gold I reckon we might have the sort of king’s ransom necessary to have those priest at the Temple repair Tadic’s body and bring back his soul”. He waits a few moments staring at the chest before looking each of them in the eyes. “He was a good man…”

OOC: The only thing I didn’t have down was the ring and the scroll of Summon Monster. I’ve added the ring into the chest but I think Lyle has the scroll on him

Aye, I reckon that’s the kind of plan I’d like to be a part of Answulf. (Lyle smiles at Answulf.)

(Catching the eye of the others he says)

Gold be easy to come by if you’re talented like us and with some good friends you can trust, well … nothing more need be said.

If we’re in agreement I will get to selling the goods. It’d be nice to spare the idol for the honourable brother Fabitor if we can manage it… always good to be in favour with a good priest and his temple does look in need of something pretty… if we can’t afford to spare it… well I guess I’ll sell it to him for 3 times the amount its worth (Lyle beams a jovial smile at his friends.)

OOC: write it down on the sheet mate I’ll chuck it in to the chest. Honour among thieves I don’t steal from the group
OOC: You can get everything checked and identified at Myraeth’s Oddities, 5gp for a single Detect Magic and 110gp for each Identify; he throws in the potions for free. Tadic had about 1000gp (actual sale value) worth of kit that can be turned into cash.

Toridan Cran’s cloak; +1 Cloak of Resistance
Wand (Rat priestess); Cure Moderate Wounds (15)
Wand (chest); Shield (21)
Potions (Albino Ratlord); Cure Light Wounds x 2
Potions (Ratbrute); Bulls Strength, Bears Endurance, Levitate

The stuff has standard 50% value at the moment, Myraeth is a hard bargainer but seems in a particularly good mood he offers an extra 10% on the value of jewellery, scroll and potions and 15% on the wands. He won’t buy the Dragon pistols unless you have a firearms licence – which you don’t. He seems keen on the idol of Lothian and Lyle you also know that some churches of Lothian are richer than others and like to display their wealth in obvious display.
If you want to sell the weapons Rastor offers 10% extra, but also won’t buy the guns without a licence, Bull and Bear Armour will buy the armour at normal 50%.

BIC: Brommall grins and throws the soap at Lyle, ‘hey, easy come easy go, let’s get the loot sold and get Tadic back’. Ridithan nods, ‘I agree with you, he shared the risks, we should honour his valiant contribution’, he looks over at Eltas expectantly.

Elatas looks down, unable to look either of you or Ridithan in the eye, ‘aye, Tadic was a good man but he knew the risks and I’m not planning on going back down there – or anywhere under this stinking hole of a city. I’ll take my share and go’. He stands abruptly and grabs his towel heading for the dressing rooms.
Lyle sell it all to the highest bidder (I’ve updated the attached sheet) except the Idol. Let’s see what we can get from the church for that. Sell the guns on the black market (an advantage of our background) for whatever you can get for them. Eltas can have his share once we have sold it all. Also see what trade in we can get for the 11 Cure Diseases we are owed. We’ll need six of them but the other five ought to be worth something. Let’s find out what the church want to bring Tadic back on top of us trading in the idol and Cure Diseases they owe us.

OOC: Ben, I take it the value of Tadic equipment will be halved? Let us know what we get for the guns, idol and cure diseases on that basis and crucially how much than want to raise Tadic. I think we will be short but let’s see…
Lyle will sell everything for best price, but the statue he will take to the temple of Lothian where we hope to get Tadic raised. Lyle will attempt to use diplomacy and to get a discount with the following story.


My friends and I were taking a stroll when we came upon a squeaking.
We took a look left, we took a look right and we saw some rat men speaking.
Now being true of heart and maybe not too smart we decided to do some
Down into the dark with stinky old farts we followed those rat men speaking.

We stumbled and strode through all that mould with cuts and scrapes a bleeding.
Upon a chair in that rat man’s lair we found this gold a gleaming.
The rat man there, well they did declare that Lothian’s figure needed
Tadic did stare and Lothian was there and they did some mental speaking.
Now I don’t know why but Tadic did die protecting Lothian’s Carving.
So over we strode and picked up that gold having stop those rat men from
Lothian did talk and so we did walk to this temple to get Tadic’s heart a

So the long and the short of it is, <if>ve updated the sheet, Lyle rolled well for all his skills (20 on the Diplomacy!), I assumed Answulf was aiding.
Ridithan et al empty out their pockets and come up with 100gp, so you have 15gp 8sp 7cp to your names.

“We’ve done it!” Answulf sighs with relief content in the knowledge that not only will they be able to draw Tadic back from the grave but he will be able to enjoy a few more weeks of good food and a proper bed at the Ghostly Minstrel.
Everyone including Eltas will get their share once Tadic is back on his feet…Sat at a table in the Ghostly Minstrel we will parcel out the shares together so everyone can see who gets what, nice and fair like. Five small bags, first for Tadic then Bromell, Ridithan, Answulf and Lyle followed by a large sack (30 times the size) for Eltas. Assuming Eltas turns up to collect it of course. Won’t be easy showing his face to a man he refused to help…

OOC: There were some miscalculations in the spreadsheet so we are a bit better off than we thought. We don’t need the 100gp from Ridithan et al though maybe we could take it and Tadic could keep 200gp worth of his equipment? Ignoring the 100gp we (Ridithan, Answulf, Tadic, Lyle and Bromell) will each receive 22gp, 4sp and 4cp as our share.
I have attached the corrected spreadsheet. The reason for the miscalculation is that Eltas share was being calculated after things that were not his to have a share of were added e.g. things they didn’t know we had (but were willing to throw in to the pot for the raise dead) and Tadic equipment!
Rich, as always Answulf gives his share to Lyle to look after so add 44gp, 8sp and 4cp to Lyles’ character sheet. How much does that gives us in total at the moment (we had a few coins already didn’t we)? How many charges do we have left on the wand?

OOC: 22 charges and PP: 5 GP: 67 SP: 22 CP: 4

I have one potion of Invisibility, one bears endurance, one levitate. Unidentified from previous work before rat men I have 1x Small Vial, Leather Flask, Ceramic Jar


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