Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 29: 15th Blessing to 27th Blessing

Venturing on into the Banewarrens danger wasn’t far away. Entering a room with a vast cauldron a foul swarm of grave beasts coalesced and attacked. Initially Answulf and Lyle were caught off guard resulting in Answulf being drained but then Ulszom came to the rescue with a couple of well placed Fireballs vaporising the unholy swarm.
Unfortunately that was not the end of their misfortune. Heading down a darkened corridor they were taken by surprise by a huge wet blue troll. Before they could react it struck Answulf down paralysing him in place. Fortunately timely magic from Lyle and Ulszom and swift use of Lyle’s dagger disabled the beast before it could do further damage. Recognising its regenerative qualities they torched the beast with Alchemist Fire before it could recover.
As Lyle was returning to the surface he spoke to Kalerecent who offered to remove the paralysis from Answulf if Lyle would keep a watch on the door.
Of course whilst Lyle was watching the door all hell broke loose. The Snakeman, Minotaur and Goblins returned. Lyle got the drop on them killing the Minotaur before they realised Lyle was there before shouting a warning to the rest. Lyle drew the enemy back toward the arriving reinforcements. Between them they made short work of the snakeman and goblins however both Lyle and Answulf suffered the will draining affects of the snakeman. We recovered a great deal of magic from the Minotaur and Snakeman including two more of the bone rings. Lyle and Answulf put the bone rings on but found they did not work…
After searching the rest of the complex they returned to the silver runed door beyond the Iron Golem. After Ulszom and Lyle had examined the door carefully Lyle got out his picks and cracked it open. Beyond four foul ghoulish creatures awaited and swiftly met their end care of Ulszom’s Fireballs and Answulf’s sword.
Feeling sure we had searched every nook and cranny we returned to the runed door the hag had passed through. Utilising the legend lore scroll provided by the church of Lothian Ulszom uncovered the secrets of thee door. A Wish to open it for a few moments. A key held by a noble house that hides an ancient shame to open it permanently…
With this information at our disposal we returned to the cathedral to meet with the church council. We provided a full report to the council who rewarded us by healing the draining we had received from the troll beast and snakeman. We returned to the Ghostly Minstrel.
The next morning we met with and reported to Jevvica. She paid us the remaining 2,400gp and offered us a further retainer for finding the key of 6,000gp. She gave us a stone to contact her with.
Ulszom headed off to the Delvers Library to research noble houses who might hide an ancient shame. After a day with little success the librarian (Shad Livbovic) suggested we speak to Ishara Jare in the Rivergate District.
The following day Ulszom, Lyle and Answulf headed to Rivergate to speak with Ishara Jare. We hired her to investigate links between noble houses and the Banewarrens.
Ulszom began the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle whilst Answulf began training Sumar and SulSan.
Two days later we returned to speak with Ishara Jare. Her investigations revealed a connection between the corrupt House Vladaam and the Banewarrens. Ishara pointed us in the direction of Nicalon Regleis a Knight of the Chord who has crossed swords with House Vladaam in the past. We are likely to find him at the Jodan Temple Hall in Old Town.
We headed to the Jodan Temple Hall but Nicalon was not present so we left a message.
Ulszom continued the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle whilst Answulf continued training Sumar and SulSan.
Two days later we received a message from Nicalon to meet him at the Griffin in Midtown. We agreed to work with him to undertake a raid on House Vladaam’s estate. Over the next few days we made our plans meeting at St Gustav’s during the midday service to avoid suspicion.
Ulszom continued the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle whilst Answulf continued training Sumar and SulSan.
Six days later we received a message from Danneth Sonnell at Mahdoth’s Asylum saying that there was an inmate who was asking after us. We went straight to Mahdoth’s Asylum where we discovered the inmate was Tabaen Farsong. Tabaen was the elf who received the final chaos gift from Tavan Zith before we slew him. The “gift” he received left him mad with visions. On the way to through the Asylum we encountered Mahdoth a huge Beholder who scared Ulszom out of his wits before he realised who he was. When we arrived at Tabaen’s cell he started babbling about Vladaam and the key. “The key is a hand. Use it to find the staff that will destroy it. The key that is a hand and a staff that is a knife”. We left with his prophesises ringing in our ears reassuring us that we were on the right track.
Ulszom completed the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle.
XP: 1305-400(L), 1607(U), 1305(A), 892(Sul), 892-500(Sum).
Total: Lyle: 40,803xp, Ulszom: 32,173xp, Answulf: 41,403xp, Sulsan: 892xp, Sumar: 392xp.

Session 28: 14th Blessing to 15th Blessing

After speaking to Sister Gallis Matricholan at the Church of Lothian the Redeemer we were directed to escort Kalerecent to the Cathedral of St Valien to report.
Whilst Answulf accompanied Kalerecent Lyle fetched Sulsan and Sumar and headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel. Leaving them there Lyle woke Ulszom and headed back to meet up with Answulf.
Answulf and Kalerecent were welcomed at the impressive Cathedral but asked to leave our weapons at the door. Once we arrived at the grand meeting chamber we waited for Lyle and Ulszom. Sister Mara von Witten (middle aged), Brother Tobias Thad (young), Sister Galiana Varaun (ancient), Brother Heth Neferul (middle aged, head of chapel of st thessina) and Terestir Malacon (man, middle aged) listened to the retelling of our tale. At the point where Kalerecent described the large ugly women he had seen Ulszom recognised the creature as a “giant” Green Hag a creature about which he was very well read. He was also able to identify the snakewomen as a Lamia. We were commended for our actions by Tobias and Heth. Heth asked us to return and find out more but not all on the council agreed and they discussed it at length. Finally Heth presented Ulszom with a scroll that would enable us to find out more about the door and a scrip for 2,000 golden thrones and asked us to return to the Banewarren.
As the meeting broke up Answulf noticed a guardswoman leaving her post without being dismissed. Answulf mentioned the Guardswoman and the notes they had uncovered about an attack on the cathedral to Heth.
Leaving the Cathedral we met up with Sulsan and Sumar and headed toward Old Town in case the Guardswoman was heading that way. After a couple of streets (certain we weren’t being followed) we changed direction and headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel for some rest.
Next morning we met with Jevvica over breakfast. Lyle regaled her with the tale of our bravery. Jevvica encouraged us to return to the Banewarren and find out if it can be resealed.
Ulszom identified the Bone Ring we discovered on the female Orc. Its properties enable you to divine the location of the wearer of another ring of this type if you know there name. Unfortunately when Ulszom put it on it grafted itself to his finger. The flask full of mist was a Bottled Whirlwind.
We (Lyle, Answulf, Ulszom, Glucksratte, Sulsan and Sumar) headed for Old Town stopping by the Church of Lothian to pick up some scrolls of Lesser Restoration then headed back into the Banewarrens via the manor.
Investigating the slightly ajar silver runed door near the entrance Lyle and Answulf encountered a red wraith that immediately attacked Answulf draining his life force before they were able to despatch it. Heading into the room beyond they discovered a glowing purple crystal on a pedestal surrounded by symbols of ancient gods of good. Whilst Ulszom and Lyle examined it a wraith began to re-emerge from the crystal. Quickly Ulszom grabbed the crystal unleashing magical lightning through the floor which nearly killing Lyle and Ulszom. Ulszom threw the crystal to Answulf instructing him to smash it. Answulf smashed the crystal into tiny shards banishing the wraith (apparently).
Ulszom healed himself and Lyle then Answulf and Lyle headed to the Church of Lothian the Redeemer to seek restoration for Answulf for the grievous wound inflicted by the wraith. Meanwhile Ulszom examined all the silver runed doors. He discovered that the one the hag had gone through was very strongly warded with no lock but the one beyond the iron golem had a lock and was not so strongly warded.
At the Church Answulf was healed by Sister Gallis Matricholan and they took the opportunity to purchase some Holy Water before heading back down to rejoin Ulszom and the others.
Ulszom doused his wand of fireballs with Alchemists Fire in preparation for what is to come…
XP: 450(L), 600(U), 450(A) Total: Lyle: 39,898xp, Ulszom: 30,566xp, Answulf: 40,098xp

Session 27: 11th Blessing to 14th Blessing

After Jevvica revealed a few more tit bits including the fact that she was speaking on behalf of the inverted pyramid (a powerful and secretive wizards guild which completely changed Ulszom’s attitude) we agreed to help accepting a bounty of 1,000gp each (200gp each in advance).
After a good night’s sleep, some healing and a further days rest Lyle and Ulszom headed out after the sun set making their way to Old Town and the manor which was the last location Tavan Zith was seen. They took Sumar and Salsa with them to watch their backs.
Lyle and Answulf watched the manor for a day but saw no one. After the day they headed in after sunset and carefully searched the manor.
The upper story of the house was empty but as we came downstairs into the entrance hall we came across a large female orc watching the front of the house. Lyle snuck up and quickly dispatched her recovering some potions and a bone ring (we left her quality full plate and two-handed sword behind). We found nothing else on the ground floor of the manor.
Heading down the stairs to the cellar we found a tunnel that had recently been dug out of the cellar in the direction of the spire. Lacking the sense they were born with they followed the passage. Passing another freshly hewn tunnel heading north we continued west toward the spire eventually entering a cavern. In the cavern we found a satchel containing some odds and ends including a note addressed to Kikanuile from Yuinthu giving instructions for entering and leaving the Banewarrens through the massive warded iron door.
Leaving the cavern we followed two passages the first (west) ended in a dead end. The second broke into a passage that could only be the outskirts of the Banewarrens. The first room we entered contained a huge metallic tower topped by a sphere. Climbing the spiral staircase we found a steel door glowing with magic surrounded by dead goblins.
Through a nearby door we found a priest of Lothian (Kalerecent) with his dead comrade. Apparently he and his comrade had been following a group of humanoids (minotaur, snakewomen, goblins and a huge ugly green skinned women). They had ambushed the humanoids outside the glowing door however the huge ugly green skinned women managed to get through and the snakewomen killed his comrade. He had been holed up in this room for a couple of days making occasional forays to try to hunt down the remaining humanoids.
Lyle and Answulf hid his comrade’s body then continued their search of the complex with Kalerecent in tow.
Shortly after we entered a room with another glowing door. Lyle stepped into the room and was charged by a large iron statue who struck him hard then crumbled and exploded.
Passing on we entered a corridor only to be confronted by a massive giant (that couldn’t possibly have fitted through the entry doors) realising the unbelievability of its existence we walked right through it and entered a room with a pit. Hiding at the bottom of the pit was the snakewomen. Answulf jumped into the pit to engage her while Lyle stepped to the edge and delivered a single dagger between her eyes. Lyle recovered a vial with a misty substance in it and some coins from her corpse.
Kalerecent removed the snakewomen’s head and having avenged his comrades death agreed to return to the surface. We took him and his comrade’s body back to the Church of Lothian the Redeemer in Old Town collecting the Orcs armour and Greatsword on the way by.
XP: 938(L), 0(U), 938(A) Total: Lyle: 39,448xp, Ulszom: 29,966xp, Answulf: 39,648xp

Session 26.5: 11th Blessing to 11th Blessing

After dressing in his finest clothes Answulf joins Lyle and Ulszom in the taproom of the Ghostly Minstrel for well-deserved mid-morning ales. The discussion turns to what to do next, now that you have delivered Phon Quartermain into the safety of the church. As you finish your second round and are about to order a third, you notice a tall and striking redhead, dressed in fitted green tunic and tights, striding towards your table. She carries a thin crooked staff in one hand and a bundled grey and black cloak in the other, but what is particularly remarkable is her left arm appears to be made entirely from red glass. With a warm smile nods her head and says, ‘just as described, a southerner, a giant and a Halfling, although the giant is smaller and better dressed than the tales that are being told around Old Town’. She indicates towards an empty chair and asks politely, ‘I am Jevvica Nor, may I join you, I have recovered something which belongs to you and I hope to exchange it for the tale of what happened earlier this morning’.
Lyle indicates she is welcome to the chair and offering her a drink he says “I wasn’t aware we had lost anything belonging to us?” Looking pointedly at Answulf he says “Well apart from your dignity big man but I doubt that would fit in the bundle she is carrying.” Lyle chuckles as he remembers Answulf standing naked in the street a mushed dark elf at his feet.
Still full of adrenalin from the battle and the strange euphoria that accompanied the unusual experience of being publically hailed a hero Answulf chuckles at Lyles string of double entendres whilst Ulszom mutters something about “head shrinkers facing a challenge with these two…” Answulf pauses a moment before modestly describing the events in Old Town. Meanwhile Ulszom studies the women out of the corner of his eye trying to place her while watching every which way for the ambush that will no doubt occur while these two fools are distracted by a pretty face.
Jevvica laughs along with the jokes and listens intently to the recounting of the battle, she asks pointed questions during the story and you sense that she already has a very good idea of what happened. ‘I commend you on your skill and heroism and as promised, this I believe is yours…although it needs a wash’ and she pushes the cloak across the table, ‘this is a powerful item, hopefully it will protect you better than its previous owner’.

In a more serious tone she continues, ‘you should know that I understand a little more about what is going on and the origins of that dark elf, I would be willing to share that information with you, if you will listen to an offer the organisation I represent has empowered me to make’. She sits back and turns to the passing barmaid, ‘the same again for my friends and a glass of Bardian red please and put it on my tab’.
Lyle says “It costs nothing to listen my good lady, be free with your information and make your offer by all means.” Lyle leans back against the wall and listens intently to the strange woman’s offer.
Jevvica starts by handing the Dark Elves cloak to Lyle indicating that it offers powerful resistance to harm (cloak of resistance +3)
‘Excellent, I hoped you would say yes, but first let us toast your bravery and morn the innocent dead’, once the drinks arrive she raises her glass in salute. Ulszom is almost certain that she hasn’t drugged the drinks, or enchanted his associates, but cannot be sure; she clearly seems to know the barmaid so there is always the chance of a conspiracy…
After taking the merest sip of wine, Jevvica begins her tale, ‘how much do you know about the spire’ as she waves her hand in the direction of uptown. ‘We all live in its shadow, but few ever stop to consider it, why it’s there, who built the complexes beneath and within it, or what they may contain’. She drops her voice a little, ‘I fear the dark elf that you slew came from within the spire, or to be more precise the Banewarrens’.
‘Let me explain. Long ago, several millennia at least, a powerful and saintly cleric called Danar Rotansin resolved to rid the world of all wickedness and gathered together evil artifacts, objects of dark power, trapped essences of vanquished fiends, demonic relics, and even the last vestiges of particularly horrible diseases; the banes as he called them. These were the worst, most nightmarish evils imaginable and he buried them away so no one could ever use them. Danar believed that destroying them would simply release their evil essence back into the world and sought instead to contain their darkness forever, by keeping them locked safely away. He constructed a vast catacomb beneath what is now Ptolus, well-warded and hidden deep underground, he called this place the Banewarrens. But, concentrating that much malevolent energy in one place had unexpected results, that even Danar could not foresee’.
‘For time measured in the lives of men Danar worked at this cause, collecting more and more of these banes, until finally he acquired one of the most dreadful artifacts the world has ever known, the Book of Inverted Darkness. However, corrupting intelligences had worked in the background to enable this and even Danar Rotansin could not withstand the books temptation, finally the black lore contained in its pages twisted his mind and his spirit. He succumbed to its insidious and forbidden writings and turned to darkness; he became Eslathagos Malkith, the Dread One and withdrew into his tower, which was renamed Jabel Shammar. A century or more after the Dread One emerged and with the terrible knowledge and vast power he had collected in the banes throughout the years, began a campaign so devastating that it threatened the whole of the world. So intolerable was his evil and that of the banes the land itself rejected Jabel Shammar, pushing the tower away; Jabel Shammar was thrust up creating an impossibly tall and narrow spire with the formally pearly white walls now as black as night. From there the Dread One surveyed the world over which he desired total dominion’.
‘Only the combined strength of all mortal races, led by powerful heroes, some of whom were his former friends and allies, was able to avert disaster. They carried the fight to the halls of Jabel Shammar itself and were able to bring down the might of Eslathagos Malkith. After the battle the world’s greatest champions lay dead and broken around him, having lost not only their lives, but their immortal souls. Though, some vestiges of the good cleric Danar remained and at the last wrestled with the evil that he had become. His spirit, for the briefest moment free of the evil, managed to seal the Banewarrens once again. Thus vault upon vault of banes he collected have remained sealed within the Banewarrens for an age past, untouched and safely kept from the rest of the world…until today’.
‘Divinations have revealed that this dark elf, who went by the name Tavan Zith, was actually himself one of these banes. His power, or rather his curse, was to awaken the latent sorcery hidden in all beings who had not yet tapped into its power. Those poor individuals invariably had no means to control the raging, chaotic energy of their own latent sorcery and were usually consumed in the process of its awakening. The dark elf was clearly mad and naturally chaotic and hateful being and some of his past has been revealed. Zith revelled in this power, claiming to be the Avatar of Chaos until the cleric Danar was able to imprison him; this happened thousands of years ago. Since then he has remained somehow preserved in the Banewarrens. Zith’s sudden appearance is troublesome enough, but the wider implications are much direr. If Zith has escaped, then the Banewarrens, sealed for millennia, have somehow been breached. The countless banes and many powerful artifacts would be available to any wicked individual strong or deluded enough to find them. For this reason, the Banewarrens must be sealed again, and quickly. I fear that these malignant creatures, artifacts, and forces loosed upon the world would be a disaster. Fortunately I have discovered the point at which he entered the city and what I need are some capable agents to investigate my suspicions. I can offer you 850 gold pieces each for recovering substantial information regarding the opening and resealing of the Banewarrens, what do you say’.
Answulf ponders Jevvica’s words handing the cloak to Ulszom. Ulszom holds it arm’s length cleaning it with magic (prestidigitation) before passing it to Lyle with a grin “With legs that short we can’t afford to have you running for the hills every time some back alley mongrel barks at you”. As Jevvica’s story unfolds Ulszom’s brow furrows and he becomes increasingly agitated. When she reaches the end and offers “850 gold each…” he spits his wine across the table in disbelief “850 gold for going near the Banewarrens. Do we look like idiots?” He splutters in exasperation lost for words whilst eyeing his idiot companions and realising they don’t look too smart dressed as they are and covered in droplets of his wine.

Session 26: 8th Blessing to 11th Blessing

Lyle and Answulf spent some time selling off the items they had taken from Shilukar’s lair and Ulszom identified the strange chaostech as an Emotion Reader…
After some consideration we decided to “rescue” Phon. Returning to the High Priests house with Ulszom in tow Lyle and Answulf entered through the master bedroom window. Heading straight to the room we suspected of being Phon’s we found her sleeping. Answulf grabbed her and Lyle knocked her unconscious with a single blow. Unfortunately as we turned to leave the “desk” came alive and Lyle was attacked. Answulf ran for the window jumping straight through with Phon in his arms followed closely by Lyle who made the jump with slightly more grace while being attacked by the “table”.
Once on the street Ulszom broke off and headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel while Lyle and Answulf headed for St Gustav’s. Using the back streets and invisibility we made our way safely and swiftly to St Gustav’s. Lyle opened the door and we awoke Brother Fabitor. Lyle and Answulf briefed Brother Fabitor then Answulf healed and awoke Phon. We then questioned Phon who seem convinced that High Priest Helmut had her best intentions at heart despite the evidence and would be returning in time for her child’s birth. Brother Fabitor and Answulf were convinced she has been subject to some magical or mundane (drugs) coercion. We agreed to take Phon to a priory (Church of Lothian the Redeemer) in Old Town in the morning.
After a watchful night Lyle hailed a carriage (giving a false but nearby location) and we headed off with a letter from Brother Fabitor. Once there we headed straight in to the church and waited for the morning ceremony to finish before approaching Sister Gallis Matricholan. We gave Sister Gallis Matricholan the letter from Brother Fabitor and a very brief explanation before leaving Phon in her care.
We then headed back toward the Ghostly Minstrel for some well-earned rest. However it was not to be…
Only a few streets from the Church all hell broke loose. First a burning half-orc whom we quickly subdued. Then a man with eyes shooting lightning. Before we could react we spotted a man in grey walking calmly away from us. While Lyle gave chase Answulf grappled and subdued the man shooting lightning from his eyes. As Lyle continued the man passed a woman and she floated off into the air. Answulf threw her a rope as he passed by pulling her down then passing the end of the rope to bystander. At this point an octopus plumped down in the middle of the street. Answulf and Lyle dodged by only to be confronted by a Shadowy Dog with a frightening howl who caused Lyle and half the other people remaining in the street to flee in terror. Answulf charged the Shadowy Dog and despite being knocked to the ground took its head before continuing his pursuit. Seconds later a huge ant like creature landed behind Answulf but he ignored it relying on the watch to deal with the monstrosity.
Finally Answulf reached the man in grey leaping over a stricken elf and laying about the sorcerer. The chaos sorcerer dodged Answulf’s first blow. Spinning he revealed himself as a Dark Elf spouting chaos doctrine and declaring his invulnerability before retaliating with his fists. Unfortunately for the Dark Elf at that point it all went a bit odd as Answulf was suddenly “blessed” by the gods of chaos growing to twice his size. Whilst this ruined Answulf’s clothes and armour and left him butt naked it meant the next swing of his sword was enormously powerful cutting the dark elf clean in two.
As the dust settled and all the chaos magic petered out Answulf was accosted by the guard. Fortunately plenty of witnesses had seen what happened and he was hailed a hero receiving many offers of free drinks and food. After giving a brief statement at Dalenguard Answulf and Lyle headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel using a carriage provided by one of his well-wishers for a well-deserved pint and some fresh clothes…When did we become heroes?
XP: 2068(L), 267(U), 2068(A) Total: Lyle: 38,510xp, Ulszom: 29,966xp, Answulf: 38,710xp

Session 25: 4th Blessing to 8th Blessing

After a couple of days watching the Fate Weavers townhouse we decided to force a subtle entry. Across the rooftops then a short throw from an adjacent building brought Lyle on to the townhouse roof.
Taking the chimney stack off Lyle lowered himself down the chimney and made a short survey of the house. Listening at a door he overheard some fate Weavers talking about Menon Balacazar’s grandson going missing. Unable to get anywhere else without confrontation Lyle exited back up the chimney and over the rooftops.
Heading back to the Ghostly Minstrel we discussed our next move. We decided to track down Dullin. He was kidnapped from the Cloud Theatre where he was rehearsing for a play in which he was the lead.
Lyle began his investigations in the Onyx Spider. Rajaz suggested that Dullin is a spoilt brat with an evil bitch of a mother (Menon’s daughter) by the name of Maystra.
We decided to scout out the Cloud Theatre. Breaking in to the theatre we started searching but were soon interrupted by Arkhall Vaugn and two bodyguards. Fortunately we saw him before he saw us and we remained hidden. After a while, and a lot of shouting for us to come out, reinforcements arrived in the form of six more thugs.
With the increased pairs of eyes searching for intruders Answulf had to make a break for it trailed by Arkhall’s bodyguards. Answulf made a stand in the corridor beneath the theatre and duelled with the bodyguards. After a short clash of steel Lyle broke cover and confronted Arkhall. We all calmed down and negotiations begun.
Answulf offered to heal the bodyguard he had mauled but she wasn’t having any of it. Answulf proceeded to track the actions that had taken place on that fateful day. His investigations lead him down to the dressing rooms and to a secret trapdoor leading into the sewers. After agreeing to bring Arkhall the perpetrators heads Lyle and Answulf set off into the sewers. After a short while the trail ran cold. Answulf and Lyle decided to return to the Ghostly Minstrel to rest.
In the afternoon Lyle and Answulf returned to the area around the theatre. Lyle questioned a waitress in a restaurant opposite the theatre. She had seen a woman in black armour, with long flowing black hair and a black coat. With her were a number of large well armoured men and a Halfling in full armour. Ulszom thought this might be an indication of a dark cult from the south.
As they discussed their findings at the Ghostly Minstrel Brother Fabitor arrived looking for Phon. Answulf gave him platitudes assuring him that all was well. In private Lyle told him the truth and promised to rescue Phon.
XP: 1500(L), 250(U), 1500(A) Total: Lyle: 36,442xp, Ulszom: 29,699xp, Answulf: 36,642xp

Session 24: 31st Growth to 4th Blessing

After a couple of days rest Answulf and Lyle returned to the temple of the Watcher in the Skies to search for clues to Phon’s whereabouts. Meanwhile Ulszom perused Shilukar’s spellbooks and considered the things they found on the centaur.
Lyle entered the temple and engaged in conversation with one of the priests (Brother Grandon). Feigning a vision of great import Lyle managed to extract the High Priest address.
Answulf and Lyle made their way over to the High Priests home and entered using a 1st floor window. Lyle cased the joint finding two “guards” (their heads adorned with the symbol of the Fate Weavers) and a secret room. The secret room contained evidence of plans to assault or infiltrate municipal buildings. The room appeared to belong to a woman (probably Phon).
As we were considering leaving we heard Phon’s voice calling the “guards” to dinner. Lyle took advantage of them taking their evening meal to further investigate the house finding evidence of prophesies relating to Shilukar’s lair. Phon and the guards appeared friendly.
We left the house and set up a watch. We observed the man and woman leaving at different times but never together. After two days watching Lyle trailed the man when he left. Lyle followed him to a townhouse. Lyle continued to follow them when they left and found they regularly visited the same townhouse.
Lyle and Answulf planned an investigation of the townhouse…
XP: 700(L), 0(U), 500(A) Total: Lyle: 34,942xp, Ulszom: 29,449xp, Answulf: 35,142xp

Session 23: 30th Growth (early afternoon to evening)

Answulf tried to convince Shilukar that he just wanted to be friends but failed.
Shilukar tried to enspell Answulf but failed. Answulf feigned sleep and let the Gnolls carry him off.
When the Gnolls were distracted opening a door Answulf surprised them and cut them down with their own weapon. Taking their axes he threw the Gnolls into the sewer and headed back into the complex leaving the sewer door open. CR
On silent feet Answulf snuck back in picking up the GBG’s Flail. Sneaking into Shilukar’s lab Answulf rushed Shilukar but wasn’t quick enough. Shilukar cast fear on Answulf and Answulf ran off screaming.
As Answulf ran screaming around the complex Shilukar followed him finally cornering him in a bedroom. Fortunately at this point Lyle arrived invisible and with assassination on his mind. Thunk, thunk and Shilukar sprouted two Halfling size wounds. CR
Ulszom found a beautiful spell book in desk drawer. On Shilukar he found a magic pearl, magic wand, 2 x magic potions, 4 x magic scrolls, a metallic box with insect antennae coming out the end of it and a dial on the front, two calcified mushrooms swirl of one multi-colour and one purple and black, one thunderstone, one vial honey like liquid with gold flecks, one vial clear viscous liquid, one ring with large ruby (300-600gp) and 27gp. Lyle found false bottom in wardrobe containing a velvet bag with 890 gold coins inside.
Ulszom found Glucksratte floating in a vat of goop in Shilukar’s bizarre laboratory. Answulf pulled Glucksratte out and revived him in the well.
Opening one final door encountered several of Shilukar’s abominations. Ulszom summoned zombies to keep them in the room and destroy them. CR
Ulszom reckons equipment in lab is worth a fortune.
Took Shilukar’s body and the portable loot. Delivered Shilukar’s body to House Abanar and collected 1,000gp reward.
Went to castle shard, informed them of Shilukar’s death and showed the items they had found on Shilukar and in his near vicinity.
Ulszom invited by Lady Rill to stay and assist with her investigation into Shilukar’s loot.
XP: 1,467(L), 1,751(U), 1,867(A) Total: Lyle: 34,242xp, Ulszom: 29,449xp, Answulf: 34,642xp

Session 22: 30th Growth (noon to early afternoon)

Searched the complex.
Encountered and quickly dispatched two Gnoll’s digging a tunnel.
Ambushed by two Gnoll’s guarding stone door. Door turned out to be a well disguised exit to the sewer.
Found pool of beautiful clear water in the middle of the corridor. Lyle drank some and really enjoyed it. In fact he wouldn’t stop prattling on about it…
Burst in on Giant Blue Gnoll and felled it with a single blow each from Lyle and Answulf. Took Silver ring, Silver ring with emerald and Large Flail (was wearing Large sized MW Banded Mail and MW Wooden Shield).
Burst into temple room full of smoke pouring from unholy idol. Four Gnoll’s and a really Giant Blue Gnoll. Lyle and Glucksratte overcome by urge to kill and eat Answulf! Answulf managed to dispatch the rGBG and some of the Gnoll’s before smashing the idol and breaking the spell. Recovered some coins and a Large MW Great Axe.
Left the room by a corridor and immediately fell asleep…
Woke strapped to a table in Shilukar’s laboratory at its owner’s mercy…
Shilukar told Lyle to deliver a message to Castle Shard saying the deal will go ahead. Kept Answulf prisoner to ensure Lyle’s compliance, Glucksratte nowhere to be seen.
Lyle interrupted Ulszom’s important research at the Delvers Guild and plotted Answulf’s rescue and his revenge.
XP: 3,100 each (L&A) Total: Lyle: 32,775xp, Ulszom: 27,698xp, Answulf: 32,775xp

Session 21: 30th Growth (late morning to noon)

Lyle and Answulf enter the Fiery Orc on the trail of Linech Cran as he is their only link to Shilukar.
5 platinum coins are given to the fat bugbear barman for Linech’s location.
Linech gives the location of Shilukar’s lair on Brandywine Street in the Guildsman district after Lyle promises to ‘forget’ he found him. As they leave he warns them not to put too much faith in their new friends.
The abandoned plot on Brandywine Street is located with ease and while checking for tracks Answulf spots a number of hidden dangers on the path and a concealed periscope 15’ from the shacks door. Answulf blocks the view-port. The door is not locked and after searching Lyle discovers a hidden trap door, with high quality lock disguised as a rusty padlock which he picks with ease.
An iron ladder descends 15’ into a small 10′×15′ chamber.
Much slaughter of Gnolls in a guard room and corridor beyond, Answulf dodged a net trap and with Lyle defeated a ferocious armoured Gnoll spell caster.
Recovered 10 MW sling bullets, 4 potion bottles and a wand from the armoured Gnoll.
XP: 2,144 each (L&A) Total: Lyle: 29,675xp, Ulszom: 27,698xp, Answulf: 29,675xp


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