Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 19.5: 7th-8th Growth

Rich and I have been discussing next steps. We’ve come up with the following generally in order of priority and time:

1. Consolidate our position during Growth. Identify, buy, sell and prepare.
2. Find out who owns the Pythoness House. I’ve got a feeling we’ve investigated this before and it turned out to be someone long since dead.
3. Move out of the Ghostly Minstrel at the end of Growth and into the Pythoness House.
4. Slowly and subtly fortify and improve the Pythoness House without changing its outward appearance.
5. Start building up a network of Street Urchins in Old Town based out of the Pythoness House using disguised Lyle as the “front-man”. Food, protection and a warm place to sleep.
6. Do some traditional delving focussed around Old Town. Mapping the alleys, sewers and places beneath so we know it like the back of our hands.
7. Locate and monitor the Cult of the Ebon Hand and Brotherhood of Venom in Old Town.

In train:
- Accommodation until the end of Growth at the Ghostly Minstrel
- Heward’s Handy Haversack will be ready on 12 Growth
- Glucksrate’s MW Studded Leather will be ready on 13 Growth
- Lyle’s MW Silver Light Mace and Answulf’s MW Silver Morningstar 23 Growth

To identify:
- Large Scale Mail (magic) (100gp)
- Large Falchion (magic) (100gp)
- Ring (magic) (100gp)
- Potion (magic) x3 (free)

To sell:
- Dagger MW x2 (cultist)
- Satchel of Papers (centaur)
- MW Scale Mail x3 (guards)
- MW Great Axe x3 (guards)
- Large MW Breastplate (hill giant skeleton)
- MW Longspear

To buy:
- Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend
- Darkvision Spell
- Wand of Cure Light Wounds
- Wand of Lesser Vigour

Rich have you got anything to buy, sell or identify?

What you know about the Pythoness House is as follows:

Approximately 250 years ago; the building that will become the Pythoness House is completed by a wealthy human woman named Darma Kollotis. This is her manor home, and after she dies it passes through several generations of her family.

Approximately 190 years ago; brigands seeking the Kollotis family jewels attack the house. Among those slain during the raid is a young cleric of Lothian named Taunell (whose spirit you laid to rest).

83 years ago; the manor becomes the home of an elf historian named Navaen Blueflight. He is an expert Dragonscales player and won the house in a game with Erwar Kollotis. The house, badly in need of repair is significantly renovated.

20 years ago; Navaen Blueflight leaves Ptolus to live in the Moonsilver Forest. The house sits empty for many years, eventually becoming the demesne of squatters and minor criminals (much like yourselves).

5 years ago; two human women, Maquent Dellisara and Radanna Scalth, set up Pythoness House as a popular albeit illegal brothel with an odd twist. The prostitutes working here claim to be able to see into the future during sexual intercourse.

3 years ago; the Knights of the Pale raid the Pythoness House, killing most of the residents and driving out the rest. Intent on pursuing those who escaped the knights do not scour the house thoroughly, as you found to your cost.

Today; ratmen and other undesirables begin to take up residence, along with the spirits of the dead prostitutes and other more ancient evils. The ownership of the house still legally rests with Navaen Blueflight, but the city has taken temporary ownership of it due to non-payment of taxes while he has been absent. However they clearly have no intention of doing anything with it and it was the Knights of the Pale rather than the city authorities that cleared out the chaos cultists.

Sounds like possession is ten tenths of the law in the case of the Pythoness House. Time to take up residence in the interests of keeping it clear of foul interlopers! Altruistic through and through…
To identify:
- Large Scale Mail +1 (magic) (100gp)
- Large Falchion +1 (magic) (100gp)
- Ring of Counterspells (magic) (100gp)
- Potion of Cure Light Wounds (magic) x3 (free)
To sell:
- Dagger MW x2 (cultist) 453gp
- Satchel of Papers (centaur) Depends on who you offer them to…
- MW Scale Mail x3 (guards) 300gp
- MW Great Axe x3 (guards) 480gp
- Large MW Breastplate (hill giant skeleton) 125gp
- MW Longspear 152gp 5sp
To buy:
- Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend; 3,000gp (takes 6 days, or 3 days for 6,000gp)
- Darkvision Spell; 100gp to copy from a wizards spell book
- Goodberry Spell; 25gp for a scroll
- Wand of Cure Light Wounds; 750gp always in stock
- Wand of Lesser Vigour; 750gp always in stock

Session 18-19: 7th-8th Growth

Destroying the Chaosomaton Hydra in the underwater cavern (1575 each for Answulf & Ulszom)

Convincing Ultimar Shon that joining the Brotherhood of Ptolus was a bad idea and getting the location of the meeting (350 each)

Stalking the ‘priestess’ of Lothian back to her rooms an committing murder most foul (1400 Lyle)

Infiltrating the Brotherhood of Ptolus otherwise known as Brothers of Venom and interrogating and subjecting the cultists to summary justice (2014 each)

The cold blooded murder of the cook in the Rat’s Nest kitchen for crimes against the culinary arts (0 Lyle)

Session 17: 28th-30th Sun

As far as you can tell every nook and cranny of the Pythoness House has been scoured clean of the foul servants of chaos. The overpowering feeling of an evil so ancient that it spoke to you on primeval level dissipated with the vanquishing the Rhodintor, the ‘earth-bound demon’ and steward of the Lords of Chaos and was without doubt a great service to the forces of good and law. However the building still has a dismal and foreboding presence that even your heroic efforts seem unable to remove, the rumbling ghostly voice still calls out to you, leaving is difficult and the shadows continue
to move and play tricks on you.

With a collection of items looted from the house and the un-openable chest you return to the Ghostly Minstrel in time for a delicious breakfast of good fortune washed down with flagons of sweet success. After Ulszom approximates the value of the fiery items Lyle leaves to find potential buyers. While there are no shortage of traders willing to take them off his hands their flaming ‘curse’ proves a setback to reaching the guide price Ulszom suggested. Having tried the North and South markets, numerous smith’s and merchants Lyle begins to ask around in delvers haunts, this avenue results in greater success as Lyle is pointed in the direction of a burly knight easily the equal of Answulf in height. Dressed in a cloth-of-gold surcoat with a clawed hand picked out in red over a suit of black lacquered plate mail.

As Lyle approaches the knight turns to reveal an elongated almost reptilian face with eyes that burn like red hot coals, an armoured fist wraps around a large pewter tankard and a small cask with the vigil of Dohrinthas stamped into its side sits on the table. Opposite him is a beautiful half-elf woman, long dark hair is swept over the left side of her face and intricate serpentine tattoos cover her arms and shoulders. As Lyle begins to explain the unique nature of the items the knight, who introduces himself as Sir Angith Dreadcastle, seems very interested. “I believe I could make use of the shield and flail, particularly the shield for my careless squire”, with a cruel laugh he continues, “show our little friend why Cetalena”. At the command of her master the half-elf moves her hair to show the horribly burnt ruin that is the left side of her face. After lengthy negotiations Sir Angith offers payment in gold thrones, platinum dragons or gems.

Negotiating the successful handover of Answulf from Malrouk (the stick-man) and his associates: 175 (Lyle & Ulszom).

Slaying the Hell Hound’s and the Rhodintor in the Pythoness House: 1050 (Answulf, Lyle & Ulszom).

If you want to sell the items you mentioned to Sir Angith you get the following:
Shield of Fire Resistance 4750gp
Flail +1 Flaming 2000gp

Assuming you do sell then you can use cash for identifies on the following (I think this was everything that was still unidentified):
From the un-openable chest; Wand of Fireballs (CL5th), must be bathed in Alchemists Fire then usable for 24 hours
Rhodintor’s Shield: Large steel shield +1
Rhodintor’s axe: Battle-axe +1
Crimson Coil cult robe in Rhodintor’s nest: Robe of protection +1 (as cloak)
Stone crown with six magical gems: each gem bestows a 6 bonus to a single statistic (i.e. one stone for Str, one for Dex etc.) once removed from the crown

From the chests
Rod of Chaos: This two-foot-long rod has a skull on one end. When the wielder wishes it, the skull speaks a word of chaos. When it is finished, it turns into a dose of dust of protection from law. When the dust is used, the item is entirely used up. CL20th
Skull of Chaos: This is a real human skull, well preserved and covered with symbols of chaos and other arcane runes. The skull’s wielder can command it to produce a chaos hammer spell once each day. CL7th
When Lyle returns with the offer Answulf and Ulszom agree that it seems a fair price. Answulf suggests we also sell the Shield, Battle-axe and Robe from the Rhodintor’s nest. Answulf would like the Strength Gem. Ulszom indicates that he would like to keep the 50 Alchemists Fire, Wand, Rod, Intelligence Gem and Skull.

Ulszom suggests we purchase a Bag of Holding or Handy Haversack. Mainly to store the All Key but also with Alchemist Fire in mind. Answulf suggests we make sure we all have enchanted weapons in case the forces of chaos seek us out.

Answulf suggests they take a month downtime to wait for their items to be finished. Despite his bravado in the fight against the Rhodintor you occasionally see a haunted look in Answulf’s eyes…

Selling the Rhodintor’s war-gear proves less problematic:
Battle-axe +1 1000gp
Shield +1 500gp

People seem less inclined to take the robe, could be the design:
Robe of resistance +1 (when I said protection below I actually meant resistance) 200gp

The wand has 50 charges.

Answulf and Ulszom both pluck gems from the crown, but strangely Answulf feels no stronger and Ulszom gains no new insight…

Hmm. Answulf suspected the Robe would be difficult to sell.

Ulszom gives his gem to Lyle and tells Answulf to do the same. Once Lyle has all six gems Ulszom looks at Lyle “Feel any different?”
Ulszom and Answulf give their gems to Lyle, with no discernible effect to his strength or intelligence.

Lyle plucks one of the remaining four gems from the crown, however unlike the first two once removed it reappears back on the crown.

Ulszom takes the Strength and Intelligence gems from Lyle, returns the Strength gem to its socket on the crown then places the crown on his head.

Lyle takes the gems and striking his best impression of a wise old man says " I do feel different…. I think it wise that I keep these gems as they only work for me, it probably because I’m special."
Lyle walks over to the barkeep and says let’s have a drink, let’s not drink too much though we have a lot to do today I best keep an eye on your measures as I am clearly the wiser of us all.

It’s not possible to reattach the stones to the crown but they can be held onto the tines. The crown itself is oversized and can only sit on Ulszom’s head at an angle, this seems to have no effect.
Lyle takes back the two unattached stones, again with no obvious effect.
Drinks arrive shortly afterward.
Lyle will try to remove the other gems from the crown wisely thinking this can only increase his super new found abilities.
Lyle removes the other three stones that he has not yet held, as before they vanish from his grasp only to reappear attached to the crown
Lyle pulls the other gems from the crown with each one you watch a quizzical expression cross his face pulling the last one free Lyle almost squealing says “watch this watch this” he throws one of the gems up in the air and as he goes to catch it he stumbles barely catching it before it hits the floor " I did that! I did that shit! look how great I am watch, watch!" Lyle attempts a back flip up on to the table missing by miles he smacks his head on the table turning dazed and almost unconscious he says " did you see that shit I’m fucking amazing now" he scrabbles ineloquently up on to the table and gets right in Answulf’s face far too close for comfort he says “try to catch me I bet you can’t I so amazing and your such a slow dim-witted arse” ha-ha look at you, you gnoll face mule you could catch a one legged goblin" Lyle dodges left and as he sidesteps right he falls off the table and flat on his face looking down on him it appears the fairly minor fall as knocked him unconscious.
Looking down at Lyle lying unconscious beneath the table Ulszom shakes his head. “These little folk are so excitable”. Picking up the crown and extracting the gems from Lyle’s grip he places the set on the table and takes a closer look. He peers from the crown to Answulf “I think this may be cursed. Resulting in false reading from my spell”. Ulszom lifts the crown from the table an places it on the floor. Drawing his Great sword from its sheath on his back he gestures for any nearby patrons to move back then hefts a blow at the crown (OOC:/ 2d6)…

Meanwhile Answulf drags Lyle from under the table and props him up in his chair. After checking he hasn’t done himself any serious harm he turns to Ulszom and draws his magical Great sword “Here let me have a go”. Swinging with all his might he brings a mighty blow down on the crown (OOC:/ Full Power attack 3d6+21 damage)…
Rich, add 100xp for making me laugh, a lot!

Ulszom’s blow strikes the crown, sparks and stone chips fly off in all directions, but it only succeeds in sending the crown skidding off under a nearby table. The barkeep looks over disapprovingly from behind the counter.

After settling the unconscious Lyle in a chair (with an egg sized lump were he banged his head) Answulf retrieves the crown and delivers a mighty blow from his enchanted blade. There is a ringing crash as the blade strikes the crown and it shatters into several pieces. The four stones that Lyle removed are still attached to the crowns tines, but are now scattered around the bar. The barkeep, a stocky sandy haired man shouts over “Oi, less of that, if you want to break stuff do it outside” he then mutters something about barbarians and trouble-makers, then goes back to polishing his bar-top.

Raising a placating hand to the barkeep Answulf moves to collect the four stones from around the bar muttering apologies to the other patrons. Returning to their table he places the six stones in a pile in the middle of the table then reaches inside Lyle’s shirt for his money pouch. Retrieving a silver penny and a Platinum Dragon Answulf moves to the barmaid assigned to clean up the mess pressing the silver penny in to her hand and apologising for the mess before depositing the Platinum Dragon on the bar along with a further apology and asking the barkeep to get himself and the other patrons a drink. Returning to their table Answulf replaces Lyle’s money pouch exactly where he found it and looks across at Ulszom “Well?”

Having considered healing Lyle Ulszom decides that it might be wise to leave him in his unconscious state. Focusing his attention on the pile of gems he casts Detect Magic carefully studying each stone as well as one or two of the stone fragments whilst racking his brains for information (OOC:/ Spellcraft +14, Knowledge (arcane) +14, Knowledge (the planes) +15, Knowledge (religion) +12).

While he waits Answulf tries to make Lyle more comfortable gesturing to one of the barmaids to bring a cushion he cradles his friends head in the arm of the chair

The pretty redheaded barmaid tucks the silver shield into the front of her dress and gives Answulf a wink, and then busies herself with clearing up the larger fragments; she then brings over a straw filled cushion. Upon seeing the platinum dragon the barkeep grumbles “well I suppose there’s no harm done” and begins to fill tankards with foaming ale.

Ulszom utters the incantation focusing on the stones, and discovers that the two picked by himself and Answulf no longer radiate magic, while the four that Lyle picked still have a faint magical aura of transmutation. He is aware that in rare occasions magical items are created with curses as traps (he has first-hand experience of this) or with restrictions and drawbacks, but that they are always notoriously difficult to identify. However Lyle’s behaviour seemed bizarre and his characteristic agility and toughness seem to have been much reduced. Ulszom ponders for a moment (Spellcraft), then the realisation hits Lyle has been cursed and more than once.

Ulszom sighs “I’m sure the temple should offer Lyle a frequent user’s discount.” Snatching up the gems he shrugs “Let’s get him to Brother Fabitor. I’ll take another look at these tomorrow and see if they are worth anything”.

Answulf sheathes his enormous Great sword then gently picks up his friend and follows Ulszom to St Gustav’s.

Can we unpick the Crimson Cult motif from the robe without destroying the enchantment? If we can Ulszom will wear it.

OOC: A Remove Curse costs 150gp and can be done that morning
After waiting in the queue of early morning petitioners Brother Fabitor greats you with a tired smile, “regular attendance at church is a sure guarantee of salvation, I’m glad to see that Lothian’s message is getting through.” He nods at Lyle, “or could it be that our small friend is in need of another blessing?”

He listens to Ulszom’s theory and agrees that Lyle may have been cursed, he offers to invoke Lothian’s power after he has finished his morning surgery. As you wait a precession of the faithful come to speak to Brother Fabitor, asking for advice and guidance on matters both spiritual and secular. However they are outnumbered by the bloody, battered and bruised delvers that all have ‘emergencies’. Some he deals with immediately, others he tells to return on the morrow. Once the last delver is dealt with he treats Lyle.
Answulf waits patiently while Ulszom blends into the nearby crowds keeping watch for any unwanted attention. After Brother Fabitor treats Lyle Answulf counts out 15 Platinum Dragons, pauses to check that Lyle is still unconscious, then adds another one “for the needy” giving Brother Fabitor a conspiratorial wink while tucking the pouch back into Lyle’s shirt…
Lyle stirs in his slumber and murmurs “no…no!
Lyles head moves swiftly from left to right and back again .. NO!! ..
Lyle sits bolt upright, shaking his whole body as if someone had just walked over his grave. Lyles says” whoa, that was a vivid dream"
Surveying his surroundings you see a look of panic cross Lyle’s face and his hand immediately bolts to his concealed money pouch deftly he squashes and squeezes the pouch and in seconds he has counted every last coin. “WHAT THE FU….” Lyles coughs and clears his throat and placing an over exuberant smile on his face he says" I mean morning brother I assume I had need of your service again, I am obliged of course" jumping down off of the table he had been placed on Lyle’s performs a swift flourishing bow and turns swiftly heading for the door with your keen hearing you just catch "mother fucking god bothering robbers worse than the fuc…mumble mumble " checking swiftly and confidant that the good brother did not over here you head for the door and after Lyle.

Session 16.5: morning of 28th

OOC: Please let me know if there is anything major that Lyle or Ulszom are planning on doing other than sleeping and trying to figure out what to do next that night.
In the relative safety of your room at the Ghostly Minstrel the true horror of the roof top battle with the demonic looking creature Wuntad and his servants hits home. Somehow against all the odds two of you survived to tell the tale, whilst your erstwhile and brave companion went to meet his gods in a manner befitting a true warrior of the eastern tribes.
Sleep does not come easily but finally exhausted you succumb to its embrace, though your dreams are shot through with vivid images of a swirling multi coloured vortex. That at times coalesces into the monster called Wuntad, or even more hideous beings, twisted, shifting amalgams of beasts and other strange barely recognisable symbols that defy logic.
You rise early, Answulf’s empty bed a poignant reminder of the previous night’s events, with heavy hearts and tired limbs you descend the steps to the common room. Slumping into the chairs at your usual table you hear a high pitched almost girlish voice say, “and so three become two, but perhaps not forever”, before ending in an unpleasant tittering.
“Oh, but it is so sad, still change is good, tee he he”, you see the speaker sitting by the entrance, a stick thin human male of middling years. The skin of his face drawn tight over a pronounced nose and high cheek-bones gives him the appearance of predatory bird. His black hair is long but pulled back tightly and his clothes mark him as a man of some means. He stares directly at you smiling widely.

Ulszom uses his pearls to recall Cure Light Wounds, Ray of Enfeeblement and Magic Missile. After casting Cure Light Wounds on himself he places the bastard swords in the large iron chest alongside the rest of the group’s unusual acquisitions. He then slides his great sword under his pillow and settles his bat familiar on the ceiling beam above his head before climbing into bed fully clothed. Safe in the knowledge that he was right to suspect everyone was watching him he sleeps soundly.

Unusually well rested in the morning he studies his spell book for an hour before sliding the bastard swords and the key from their hiding places and identifying each of them. Using two of his pearls to recall Identify so he can analyse all three of the items he shares what he discovers with Lyle.

Mulling over his discoveries at breakfast Ulszom is shocked that he didn’t spot the unusual fellow studying them from across the common room. Silently castigating himself he quickly reverts to his normal paranoid state running through his escape plan and checking the exits. His eyes darting furtively about the room he considers what kind of demon the stick man might be…

Lyles eye harden and he drops from the stool his face blank as he walks towards the speaker he draws two daggers from there concealed locations and stepping up to the speaker he says " watch your tongue (the ice drips from Lyles words)."

Lyles voice drops low and gains a far off effect “say what you came to say then leave me to my mourning for if you push me you may see how far towards hell I have fallen in my loss.” Lyle steps back and his blank cold hardened by loss and pain face stares directly in to the eyes of the speaker. "Lyle has absolutely no fear and seems outwardly to have lost any sense of self preservation. it is clear to Ulszom he may have lost more than one comrade upon the roof that night.

Ulszom carefully studies the faces of the patrons making a note of the ones that are as clearly demonic as the stick man.

Whilst waiting for the stick man to react and preparing to blast him with an Electric Loop Ulszom makes a mental note that if Lyle makes it out of here alive he will need to get over to the Church of Lothian for a Restoration to the affliction of the key…
Demonic signs are hard to hide from the keen sight of Ulszom, the Mark of the beast is visible to one who knows what to look for. The snaggled tooth, the lazy eye, the hideous pox scars, looking at the Ghostly Minstrel’s customers it is clear the stick man has not come alone…
Lyle’s words and the sight of drawn blades silences the chatter of nearby tables, and as other guests begin to take note a hush spreads. The only sound comes from the man Lyle is facing down, “oh dear, oh my, but you seem to have put everyone off their breakfast", he covers his mouth with a bony hand but another girlish giggle escapes.

“Still, I’m sure I can cheer you up, tee he he, here I have a present for you”, he reaches below his table and drops what look like an oversized short sword wrapped in an old piece of sackcloth onto it’s top.

Lyle stands statue like staring the bony man in the face and does not look down at the table, in the same far off voice he says " The only thing you can give me if you want the swords is my friend back exactly in the same condition as he was but two nights ago. Considering you look no more than a mangy gutter rat I doubt you have the resources to do that so the swords will remain with the buyer they were originally intended for." Lifting his voice to the present and louder for all to hear Lyle says " Your bullying tactics will not make a difference. You know the price for the items you desire, now, unless you have the required sum leave me and my fellows alone so we may enjoy our breakfast" Lyle shifts his hands slightly and the daggers vanish from view but he maintains his position and keeps eye contact.

Ulszom waits with baited breath, eyes darting about the room, fingers tingling with magic…

“Bullying, oh no, not I” the man’s pleads in a shrill tone. “You are the one who has drawn steel, but I understand, the grief must be hard to bear”.
“Perhaps your friend still lives, or perhaps I can bring life back into that meat shell, but te he he he, I can promise he won’t be the same”.
“Now, if you sell the weapons, te he, they will come to us, given time, time you or your friend do not have”.

He leans in closer to Lyle, his face contorting as he tries to control his giggling fit, “now this is the best bit, you have one hour to bring all the weapons, oh this is good, one hour to bring all the weapons, even the ones you left in the Pythoness House to us, in exchange we bring you your friend”.

“After one hour we will bring you your friend, piece, he he he, by piece. You have one hour, bring everything to the old clock tower in Old Town, te he he”. After almost collapsing in a snickering heap the skeletal man stands and backs away from the table.

Lyle steps back from the clearly insane stick man and says " Although it will bring a sadness to my heart to see my friend defiled in such a way you have already told me you lack the power to return my friend as he was… so the only thing left for me now is the Joy beyond your scope of comprehension that I will get from selling these items to my buyers and watching as they are purified and broken in to worthless pieces of shit …. (Lyle pauses and strikes a pondering pose) I guess they will resemble you once my buyer has finished with them (A massive grin from ear to ear spreads across Lyle’s face.). < my bluff is +5 I rolled a 17 (reroll if you prefer) a successful sense motive would reveal Lyle is clearly bothered by the prospect of Answulf’s defilement>

Lyle chuckles to himself as he turns and walks over to Ulszom and says in an amused voice “come friend we should collect our things and head off, we wouldn’t want to miss the fun, I know collecting the gold was the original plan but our new friend over there has inspired me to skip breakfast to watch the destruction”
Agitated Ulszom scans the room as he follows Lyle up the stairs <ulszom’s>

The laughter stops for a moment and Ulszom thinks a flash of concern crosses the man’s face, then replaced by mildly hysterical giggling, he grips the back of his chair almost doubled over, ‘then you are doomed, ahh hha hha hha ha, and so is your giant friend, remember you’ve an hour’.

As you ascend the stairs you both see some of the patrons get up and move to surround the man and hear the barkeep shouting ‘right you’ve said your piece, now out and no trouble or I’ll call the watch’.

Once they are safely back in their room Ulszom breathes a sigh of relief “You need healing from the priest” he states matter of factly “It will cost around 400gp. Do we have it?”. Pausing to scan the windows and doors he looks back at Lyle “I suspect we can suppress the harmful effects of the key using divine magic. Assuming we can get a scroll from the temple it will cost another 700gp. If we have the cash and you want to get the rest of the loot we should move quickly.” He eyes the door and window nervously…

Session 16: 24th-27th Sun

Battle with the Minotaur’s in the ice room: 720 each for Answulf, Lyle and Ulszom (additional xp due to icy conditions).

Traversing the freezing flooded passage: 150 each for Answulf, Lyle and Ulszom.

Rooftop battle with Wuntad and his minions: 3500 each for Lyle and Ulszom.

Answulf fought well and died doing what he believed in. Protecting the freedom of those too weak to defend themselves by keeping the artifacts out of evil hands. He died safe in the knowledge that against all odds he had slain a mighty evil creature. Covered in blood a smile played across his lips as he breathed his last breath.

Glucksratte fights frenziedly to defend his master’s corpse. He retreats when near death to watch from a safe vantage point in a nearby tree. He leaves his perch when he gets hungry returning to the sewers of his birth.

As Ulszom hurries through the deserted back streets of Ptolus he keeps looking behind him and cursing the weight of the two swords. Ready to drop them at the first sign of danger he ponders why the great ox didn’t just hand over the artifacts. Some people just don’t have their priorities right. Ulszom doesn’t stop looking furtively about until he reaches the safety of his room at the Ghostly Minstrel and has wedged his bed against the door.

Session 15:
Session 14: 21st Sun (near midnight)
The deadly shadows regroup

As they make their way back to the Ghostly Minstrel Answulf reaches into his satchel and scoops out Glucksratte. You can’t help but notice that Glucksratte is looking awfully big these days. No longer just an overgrown rat but truly worthy of the word Dire…

Answulf strokes Glucksratte’s head with his huge hand “I’ve been teaching him some tricks. I think he might be quite useful in a fight y know. Do you think those dwarves u’d make him some quality studded leather barding like our spare armour? Probably cost around 250 gold. Have we got enough cash? We could use all the help we can get.”

Session 13: 21st Sun
The deadly shadows in their element

Seeing the scantily clad skeletons tarnishes Answulf’s impression of the female form as he assists Lyle in searching the bodies. Perhaps in future he will not be so abashed by their nakedness…

Ulszom examines the bones carefully learning what he can from the fallen.

Session 12: 18th Sun
The deadly shadows in retreat

As they scramble away from the haunted castle. Ulszom flicks through the journal and ledger they found trying to unravel the mysteries they contain…

Answulf turns to Lyle and whispers “I’m not keen to face ghosts without some sort of magic weapon. Perhaps we should go see if we can hurry those smiths along making our morning stars. Maybe a few extra coins would speed things along”

We don’t have the coin to rush the production and get them enchanted… maybe we should look at getting a wand of some magical properties for Dr Magic man over there. (Lyle points at Ulszom) come to think of it we probably can’t afford that either maybe we will have to hang our hats on a scroll or two or maybe we should go rob the extra coin for one of those shivel dealers working the poor quarter
Ulszom looks up from the journal “ I can enchant our weapons for a few minutes at a time”

Answulf smiles “That aside redistributing the ill-gotten gains of Shivel dealers might not be such a bad idea”


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