Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 29: 15th Blessing to 27th Blessing

Venturing on into the Banewarrens danger wasn’t far away. Entering a room with a vast cauldron a foul swarm of grave beasts coalesced and attacked. Initially Answulf and Lyle were caught off guard resulting in Answulf being drained but then Ulszom came to the rescue with a couple of well placed Fireballs vaporising the unholy swarm.
Unfortunately that was not the end of their misfortune. Heading down a darkened corridor they were taken by surprise by a huge wet blue troll. Before they could react it struck Answulf down paralysing him in place. Fortunately timely magic from Lyle and Ulszom and swift use of Lyle’s dagger disabled the beast before it could do further damage. Recognising its regenerative qualities they torched the beast with Alchemist Fire before it could recover.
As Lyle was returning to the surface he spoke to Kalerecent who offered to remove the paralysis from Answulf if Lyle would keep a watch on the door.
Of course whilst Lyle was watching the door all hell broke loose. The Snakeman, Minotaur and Goblins returned. Lyle got the drop on them killing the Minotaur before they realised Lyle was there before shouting a warning to the rest. Lyle drew the enemy back toward the arriving reinforcements. Between them they made short work of the snakeman and goblins however both Lyle and Answulf suffered the will draining affects of the snakeman. We recovered a great deal of magic from the Minotaur and Snakeman including two more of the bone rings. Lyle and Answulf put the bone rings on but found they did not work…
After searching the rest of the complex they returned to the silver runed door beyond the Iron Golem. After Ulszom and Lyle had examined the door carefully Lyle got out his picks and cracked it open. Beyond four foul ghoulish creatures awaited and swiftly met their end care of Ulszom’s Fireballs and Answulf’s sword.
Feeling sure we had searched every nook and cranny we returned to the runed door the hag had passed through. Utilising the legend lore scroll provided by the church of Lothian Ulszom uncovered the secrets of thee door. A Wish to open it for a few moments. A key held by a noble house that hides an ancient shame to open it permanently…
With this information at our disposal we returned to the cathedral to meet with the church council. We provided a full report to the council who rewarded us by healing the draining we had received from the troll beast and snakeman. We returned to the Ghostly Minstrel.
The next morning we met with and reported to Jevvica. She paid us the remaining 2,400gp and offered us a further retainer for finding the key of 6,000gp. She gave us a stone to contact her with.
Ulszom headed off to the Delvers Library to research noble houses who might hide an ancient shame. After a day with little success the librarian (Shad Livbovic) suggested we speak to Ishara Jare in the Rivergate District.
The following day Ulszom, Lyle and Answulf headed to Rivergate to speak with Ishara Jare. We hired her to investigate links between noble houses and the Banewarrens.
Ulszom began the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle whilst Answulf began training Sumar and SulSan.
Two days later we returned to speak with Ishara Jare. Her investigations revealed a connection between the corrupt House Vladaam and the Banewarrens. Ishara pointed us in the direction of Nicalon Regleis a Knight of the Chord who has crossed swords with House Vladaam in the past. We are likely to find him at the Jodan Temple Hall in Old Town.
We headed to the Jodan Temple Hall but Nicalon was not present so we left a message.
Ulszom continued the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle whilst Answulf continued training Sumar and SulSan.
Two days later we received a message from Nicalon to meet him at the Griffin in Midtown. We agreed to work with him to undertake a raid on House Vladaam’s estate. Over the next few days we made our plans meeting at St Gustav’s during the midday service to avoid suspicion.
Ulszom continued the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle whilst Answulf continued training Sumar and SulSan.
Six days later we received a message from Danneth Sonnell at Mahdoth’s Asylum saying that there was an inmate who was asking after us. We went straight to Mahdoth’s Asylum where we discovered the inmate was Tabaen Farsong. Tabaen was the elf who received the final chaos gift from Tavan Zith before we slew him. The “gift” he received left him mad with visions. On the way to through the Asylum we encountered Mahdoth a huge Beholder who scared Ulszom out of his wits before he realised who he was. When we arrived at Tabaen’s cell he started babbling about Vladaam and the key. “The key is a hand. Use it to find the staff that will destroy it. The key that is a hand and a staff that is a knife”. We left with his prophesises ringing in our ears reassuring us that we were on the right track.
Ulszom completed the Cheetah Spirit tattoo on Lyle.
XP: 1305-400(L), 1607(U), 1305(A), 892(Sul), 892-500(Sum).
Total: Lyle: 40,803xp, Ulszom: 32,173xp, Answulf: 41,403xp, Sulsan: 892xp, Sumar: 392xp.



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