Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 28: 14th Blessing to 15th Blessing

After speaking to Sister Gallis Matricholan at the Church of Lothian the Redeemer we were directed to escort Kalerecent to the Cathedral of St Valien to report.
Whilst Answulf accompanied Kalerecent Lyle fetched Sulsan and Sumar and headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel. Leaving them there Lyle woke Ulszom and headed back to meet up with Answulf.
Answulf and Kalerecent were welcomed at the impressive Cathedral but asked to leave our weapons at the door. Once we arrived at the grand meeting chamber we waited for Lyle and Ulszom. Sister Mara von Witten (middle aged), Brother Tobias Thad (young), Sister Galiana Varaun (ancient), Brother Heth Neferul (middle aged, head of chapel of st thessina) and Terestir Malacon (man, middle aged) listened to the retelling of our tale. At the point where Kalerecent described the large ugly women he had seen Ulszom recognised the creature as a “giant” Green Hag a creature about which he was very well read. He was also able to identify the snakewomen as a Lamia. We were commended for our actions by Tobias and Heth. Heth asked us to return and find out more but not all on the council agreed and they discussed it at length. Finally Heth presented Ulszom with a scroll that would enable us to find out more about the door and a scrip for 2,000 golden thrones and asked us to return to the Banewarren.
As the meeting broke up Answulf noticed a guardswoman leaving her post without being dismissed. Answulf mentioned the Guardswoman and the notes they had uncovered about an attack on the cathedral to Heth.
Leaving the Cathedral we met up with Sulsan and Sumar and headed toward Old Town in case the Guardswoman was heading that way. After a couple of streets (certain we weren’t being followed) we changed direction and headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel for some rest.
Next morning we met with Jevvica over breakfast. Lyle regaled her with the tale of our bravery. Jevvica encouraged us to return to the Banewarren and find out if it can be resealed.
Ulszom identified the Bone Ring we discovered on the female Orc. Its properties enable you to divine the location of the wearer of another ring of this type if you know there name. Unfortunately when Ulszom put it on it grafted itself to his finger. The flask full of mist was a Bottled Whirlwind.
We (Lyle, Answulf, Ulszom, Glucksratte, Sulsan and Sumar) headed for Old Town stopping by the Church of Lothian to pick up some scrolls of Lesser Restoration then headed back into the Banewarrens via the manor.
Investigating the slightly ajar silver runed door near the entrance Lyle and Answulf encountered a red wraith that immediately attacked Answulf draining his life force before they were able to despatch it. Heading into the room beyond they discovered a glowing purple crystal on a pedestal surrounded by symbols of ancient gods of good. Whilst Ulszom and Lyle examined it a wraith began to re-emerge from the crystal. Quickly Ulszom grabbed the crystal unleashing magical lightning through the floor which nearly killing Lyle and Ulszom. Ulszom threw the crystal to Answulf instructing him to smash it. Answulf smashed the crystal into tiny shards banishing the wraith (apparently).
Ulszom healed himself and Lyle then Answulf and Lyle headed to the Church of Lothian the Redeemer to seek restoration for Answulf for the grievous wound inflicted by the wraith. Meanwhile Ulszom examined all the silver runed doors. He discovered that the one the hag had gone through was very strongly warded with no lock but the one beyond the iron golem had a lock and was not so strongly warded.
At the Church Answulf was healed by Sister Gallis Matricholan and they took the opportunity to purchase some Holy Water before heading back down to rejoin Ulszom and the others.
Ulszom doused his wand of fireballs with Alchemists Fire in preparation for what is to come…
XP: 450(L), 600(U), 450(A) Total: Lyle: 39,898xp, Ulszom: 30,566xp, Answulf: 40,098xp



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