Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 27: 11th Blessing to 14th Blessing

After Jevvica revealed a few more tit bits including the fact that she was speaking on behalf of the inverted pyramid (a powerful and secretive wizards guild which completely changed Ulszom’s attitude) we agreed to help accepting a bounty of 1,000gp each (200gp each in advance).
After a good night’s sleep, some healing and a further days rest Lyle and Ulszom headed out after the sun set making their way to Old Town and the manor which was the last location Tavan Zith was seen. They took Sumar and Salsa with them to watch their backs.
Lyle and Answulf watched the manor for a day but saw no one. After the day they headed in after sunset and carefully searched the manor.
The upper story of the house was empty but as we came downstairs into the entrance hall we came across a large female orc watching the front of the house. Lyle snuck up and quickly dispatched her recovering some potions and a bone ring (we left her quality full plate and two-handed sword behind). We found nothing else on the ground floor of the manor.
Heading down the stairs to the cellar we found a tunnel that had recently been dug out of the cellar in the direction of the spire. Lacking the sense they were born with they followed the passage. Passing another freshly hewn tunnel heading north we continued west toward the spire eventually entering a cavern. In the cavern we found a satchel containing some odds and ends including a note addressed to Kikanuile from Yuinthu giving instructions for entering and leaving the Banewarrens through the massive warded iron door.
Leaving the cavern we followed two passages the first (west) ended in a dead end. The second broke into a passage that could only be the outskirts of the Banewarrens. The first room we entered contained a huge metallic tower topped by a sphere. Climbing the spiral staircase we found a steel door glowing with magic surrounded by dead goblins.
Through a nearby door we found a priest of Lothian (Kalerecent) with his dead comrade. Apparently he and his comrade had been following a group of humanoids (minotaur, snakewomen, goblins and a huge ugly green skinned women). They had ambushed the humanoids outside the glowing door however the huge ugly green skinned women managed to get through and the snakewomen killed his comrade. He had been holed up in this room for a couple of days making occasional forays to try to hunt down the remaining humanoids.
Lyle and Answulf hid his comrade’s body then continued their search of the complex with Kalerecent in tow.
Shortly after we entered a room with another glowing door. Lyle stepped into the room and was charged by a large iron statue who struck him hard then crumbled and exploded.
Passing on we entered a corridor only to be confronted by a massive giant (that couldn’t possibly have fitted through the entry doors) realising the unbelievability of its existence we walked right through it and entered a room with a pit. Hiding at the bottom of the pit was the snakewomen. Answulf jumped into the pit to engage her while Lyle stepped to the edge and delivered a single dagger between her eyes. Lyle recovered a vial with a misty substance in it and some coins from her corpse.
Kalerecent removed the snakewomen’s head and having avenged his comrades death agreed to return to the surface. We took him and his comrade’s body back to the Church of Lothian the Redeemer in Old Town collecting the Orcs armour and Greatsword on the way by.
XP: 938(L), 0(U), 938(A) Total: Lyle: 39,448xp, Ulszom: 29,966xp, Answulf: 39,648xp



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