Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 26: 8th Blessing to 11th Blessing

Lyle and Answulf spent some time selling off the items they had taken from Shilukar’s lair and Ulszom identified the strange chaostech as an Emotion Reader…
After some consideration we decided to “rescue” Phon. Returning to the High Priests house with Ulszom in tow Lyle and Answulf entered through the master bedroom window. Heading straight to the room we suspected of being Phon’s we found her sleeping. Answulf grabbed her and Lyle knocked her unconscious with a single blow. Unfortunately as we turned to leave the “desk” came alive and Lyle was attacked. Answulf ran for the window jumping straight through with Phon in his arms followed closely by Lyle who made the jump with slightly more grace while being attacked by the “table”.
Once on the street Ulszom broke off and headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel while Lyle and Answulf headed for St Gustav’s. Using the back streets and invisibility we made our way safely and swiftly to St Gustav’s. Lyle opened the door and we awoke Brother Fabitor. Lyle and Answulf briefed Brother Fabitor then Answulf healed and awoke Phon. We then questioned Phon who seem convinced that High Priest Helmut had her best intentions at heart despite the evidence and would be returning in time for her child’s birth. Brother Fabitor and Answulf were convinced she has been subject to some magical or mundane (drugs) coercion. We agreed to take Phon to a priory (Church of Lothian the Redeemer) in Old Town in the morning.
After a watchful night Lyle hailed a carriage (giving a false but nearby location) and we headed off with a letter from Brother Fabitor. Once there we headed straight in to the church and waited for the morning ceremony to finish before approaching Sister Gallis Matricholan. We gave Sister Gallis Matricholan the letter from Brother Fabitor and a very brief explanation before leaving Phon in her care.
We then headed back toward the Ghostly Minstrel for some well-earned rest. However it was not to be…
Only a few streets from the Church all hell broke loose. First a burning half-orc whom we quickly subdued. Then a man with eyes shooting lightning. Before we could react we spotted a man in grey walking calmly away from us. While Lyle gave chase Answulf grappled and subdued the man shooting lightning from his eyes. As Lyle continued the man passed a woman and she floated off into the air. Answulf threw her a rope as he passed by pulling her down then passing the end of the rope to bystander. At this point an octopus plumped down in the middle of the street. Answulf and Lyle dodged by only to be confronted by a Shadowy Dog with a frightening howl who caused Lyle and half the other people remaining in the street to flee in terror. Answulf charged the Shadowy Dog and despite being knocked to the ground took its head before continuing his pursuit. Seconds later a huge ant like creature landed behind Answulf but he ignored it relying on the watch to deal with the monstrosity.
Finally Answulf reached the man in grey leaping over a stricken elf and laying about the sorcerer. The chaos sorcerer dodged Answulf’s first blow. Spinning he revealed himself as a Dark Elf spouting chaos doctrine and declaring his invulnerability before retaliating with his fists. Unfortunately for the Dark Elf at that point it all went a bit odd as Answulf was suddenly “blessed” by the gods of chaos growing to twice his size. Whilst this ruined Answulf’s clothes and armour and left him butt naked it meant the next swing of his sword was enormously powerful cutting the dark elf clean in two.
As the dust settled and all the chaos magic petered out Answulf was accosted by the guard. Fortunately plenty of witnesses had seen what happened and he was hailed a hero receiving many offers of free drinks and food. After giving a brief statement at Dalenguard Answulf and Lyle headed back to the Ghostly Minstrel using a carriage provided by one of his well-wishers for a well-deserved pint and some fresh clothes…When did we become heroes?
XP: 2068(L), 267(U), 2068(A) Total: Lyle: 38,510xp, Ulszom: 29,966xp, Answulf: 38,710xp



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