Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 25: 4th Blessing to 8th Blessing

After a couple of days watching the Fate Weavers townhouse we decided to force a subtle entry. Across the rooftops then a short throw from an adjacent building brought Lyle on to the townhouse roof.
Taking the chimney stack off Lyle lowered himself down the chimney and made a short survey of the house. Listening at a door he overheard some fate Weavers talking about Menon Balacazar’s grandson going missing. Unable to get anywhere else without confrontation Lyle exited back up the chimney and over the rooftops.
Heading back to the Ghostly Minstrel we discussed our next move. We decided to track down Dullin. He was kidnapped from the Cloud Theatre where he was rehearsing for a play in which he was the lead.
Lyle began his investigations in the Onyx Spider. Rajaz suggested that Dullin is a spoilt brat with an evil bitch of a mother (Menon’s daughter) by the name of Maystra.
We decided to scout out the Cloud Theatre. Breaking in to the theatre we started searching but were soon interrupted by Arkhall Vaugn and two bodyguards. Fortunately we saw him before he saw us and we remained hidden. After a while, and a lot of shouting for us to come out, reinforcements arrived in the form of six more thugs.
With the increased pairs of eyes searching for intruders Answulf had to make a break for it trailed by Arkhall’s bodyguards. Answulf made a stand in the corridor beneath the theatre and duelled with the bodyguards. After a short clash of steel Lyle broke cover and confronted Arkhall. We all calmed down and negotiations begun.
Answulf offered to heal the bodyguard he had mauled but she wasn’t having any of it. Answulf proceeded to track the actions that had taken place on that fateful day. His investigations lead him down to the dressing rooms and to a secret trapdoor leading into the sewers. After agreeing to bring Arkhall the perpetrators heads Lyle and Answulf set off into the sewers. After a short while the trail ran cold. Answulf and Lyle decided to return to the Ghostly Minstrel to rest.
In the afternoon Lyle and Answulf returned to the area around the theatre. Lyle questioned a waitress in a restaurant opposite the theatre. She had seen a woman in black armour, with long flowing black hair and a black coat. With her were a number of large well armoured men and a Halfling in full armour. Ulszom thought this might be an indication of a dark cult from the south.
As they discussed their findings at the Ghostly Minstrel Brother Fabitor arrived looking for Phon. Answulf gave him platitudes assuring him that all was well. In private Lyle told him the truth and promised to rescue Phon.
XP: 1500(L), 250(U), 1500(A) Total: Lyle: 36,442xp, Ulszom: 29,699xp, Answulf: 36,642xp



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