Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 24: 31st Growth to 4th Blessing

After a couple of days rest Answulf and Lyle returned to the temple of the Watcher in the Skies to search for clues to Phon’s whereabouts. Meanwhile Ulszom perused Shilukar’s spellbooks and considered the things they found on the centaur.
Lyle entered the temple and engaged in conversation with one of the priests (Brother Grandon). Feigning a vision of great import Lyle managed to extract the High Priest address.
Answulf and Lyle made their way over to the High Priests home and entered using a 1st floor window. Lyle cased the joint finding two “guards” (their heads adorned with the symbol of the Fate Weavers) and a secret room. The secret room contained evidence of plans to assault or infiltrate municipal buildings. The room appeared to belong to a woman (probably Phon).
As we were considering leaving we heard Phon’s voice calling the “guards” to dinner. Lyle took advantage of them taking their evening meal to further investigate the house finding evidence of prophesies relating to Shilukar’s lair. Phon and the guards appeared friendly.
We left the house and set up a watch. We observed the man and woman leaving at different times but never together. After two days watching Lyle trailed the man when he left. Lyle followed him to a townhouse. Lyle continued to follow them when they left and found they regularly visited the same townhouse.
Lyle and Answulf planned an investigation of the townhouse…
XP: 700(L), 0(U), 500(A) Total: Lyle: 34,942xp, Ulszom: 29,449xp, Answulf: 35,142xp



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