Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 23: 30th Growth (early afternoon to evening)

Answulf tried to convince Shilukar that he just wanted to be friends but failed.
Shilukar tried to enspell Answulf but failed. Answulf feigned sleep and let the Gnolls carry him off.
When the Gnolls were distracted opening a door Answulf surprised them and cut them down with their own weapon. Taking their axes he threw the Gnolls into the sewer and headed back into the complex leaving the sewer door open. CR
On silent feet Answulf snuck back in picking up the GBG’s Flail. Sneaking into Shilukar’s lab Answulf rushed Shilukar but wasn’t quick enough. Shilukar cast fear on Answulf and Answulf ran off screaming.
As Answulf ran screaming around the complex Shilukar followed him finally cornering him in a bedroom. Fortunately at this point Lyle arrived invisible and with assassination on his mind. Thunk, thunk and Shilukar sprouted two Halfling size wounds. CR
Ulszom found a beautiful spell book in desk drawer. On Shilukar he found a magic pearl, magic wand, 2 x magic potions, 4 x magic scrolls, a metallic box with insect antennae coming out the end of it and a dial on the front, two calcified mushrooms swirl of one multi-colour and one purple and black, one thunderstone, one vial honey like liquid with gold flecks, one vial clear viscous liquid, one ring with large ruby (300-600gp) and 27gp. Lyle found false bottom in wardrobe containing a velvet bag with 890 gold coins inside.
Ulszom found Glucksratte floating in a vat of goop in Shilukar’s bizarre laboratory. Answulf pulled Glucksratte out and revived him in the well.
Opening one final door encountered several of Shilukar’s abominations. Ulszom summoned zombies to keep them in the room and destroy them. CR
Ulszom reckons equipment in lab is worth a fortune.
Took Shilukar’s body and the portable loot. Delivered Shilukar’s body to House Abanar and collected 1,000gp reward.
Went to castle shard, informed them of Shilukar’s death and showed the items they had found on Shilukar and in his near vicinity.
Ulszom invited by Lady Rill to stay and assist with her investigation into Shilukar’s loot.
XP: 1,467(L), 1,751(U), 1,867(A) Total: Lyle: 34,242xp, Ulszom: 29,449xp, Answulf: 34,642xp



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