Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 22: 30th Growth (noon to early afternoon)

Searched the complex.
Encountered and quickly dispatched two Gnoll’s digging a tunnel.
Ambushed by two Gnoll’s guarding stone door. Door turned out to be a well disguised exit to the sewer.
Found pool of beautiful clear water in the middle of the corridor. Lyle drank some and really enjoyed it. In fact he wouldn’t stop prattling on about it…
Burst in on Giant Blue Gnoll and felled it with a single blow each from Lyle and Answulf. Took Silver ring, Silver ring with emerald and Large Flail (was wearing Large sized MW Banded Mail and MW Wooden Shield).
Burst into temple room full of smoke pouring from unholy idol. Four Gnoll’s and a really Giant Blue Gnoll. Lyle and Glucksratte overcome by urge to kill and eat Answulf! Answulf managed to dispatch the rGBG and some of the Gnoll’s before smashing the idol and breaking the spell. Recovered some coins and a Large MW Great Axe.
Left the room by a corridor and immediately fell asleep…
Woke strapped to a table in Shilukar’s laboratory at its owner’s mercy…
Shilukar told Lyle to deliver a message to Castle Shard saying the deal will go ahead. Kept Answulf prisoner to ensure Lyle’s compliance, Glucksratte nowhere to be seen.
Lyle interrupted Ulszom’s important research at the Delvers Guild and plotted Answulf’s rescue and his revenge.
XP: 3,100 each (L&A) Total: Lyle: 32,775xp, Ulszom: 27,698xp, Answulf: 32,775xp



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