Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 21: 30th Growth (late morning to noon)

Lyle and Answulf enter the Fiery Orc on the trail of Linech Cran as he is their only link to Shilukar.
5 platinum coins are given to the fat bugbear barman for Linech’s location.
Linech gives the location of Shilukar’s lair on Brandywine Street in the Guildsman district after Lyle promises to ‘forget’ he found him. As they leave he warns them not to put too much faith in their new friends.
The abandoned plot on Brandywine Street is located with ease and while checking for tracks Answulf spots a number of hidden dangers on the path and a concealed periscope 15’ from the shacks door. Answulf blocks the view-port. The door is not locked and after searching Lyle discovers a hidden trap door, with high quality lock disguised as a rusty padlock which he picks with ease.
An iron ladder descends 15’ into a small 10′×15′ chamber.
Much slaughter of Gnolls in a guard room and corridor beyond, Answulf dodged a net trap and with Lyle defeated a ferocious armoured Gnoll spell caster.
Recovered 10 MW sling bullets, 4 potion bottles and a wand from the armoured Gnoll.
XP: 2,144 each (L&A) Total: Lyle: 29,675xp, Ulszom: 27,698xp, Answulf: 29,675xp



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