Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 2: 5th day of Bloom, Theoday

Summary & XP
Answulf and Lyle healed by Brother Fabitor Thisk, and leave Phon in his care at St. Gustav’s. He gives you 1gp.
Investigate the ‘Red Warehouse’, break in and cover their tracks.
Return to Kurds house; find the hidden stash 10pp and Answulf takes two random medical journals.
Meet Klaus in the ‘Vulgar Unicorn’ and give him 8pp, he tells Lyle that
Nagrus wants to see them, and they should go or leave town.
Visit with Nagrus and accept his offer to pay off 50gp blood money to Kedra by doing a job for him the following day.
Meet Grack, Brack, ‘Crazy’ Gloin, Kedra and unnamed Uraqi.
Sleep rough in the Warrens.
Sell acid in ‘Exotic Market’, 30gp.
Buy oversized and undersized leather armour from ’Taran’s Outsized Outfitters’.
Buy oversized and undersized weapons from ’Rastor’s’, 1gp owed.
Return to ‘Red Warehouse’, ambush Vagger and Laucio. Both killed along with the dog. Bodies hidden in crates in the warehouse.
Took: M/W mty +1 comp. long bow, long sword and 20 arrows. M/W short sword, short bow and 20 arrows. Gold ring, ‘Elf friend’ in elven. Potion. Cash.
Back to St. Gustav’s, Answulf healed by Fabitor, 5gp donation from Lyle.
Gather information about Vagger and Laucio at: The Griffin, The Goat and The Onyx Spider; Lyle gets information from Uraqi knife as to their residence.
Followed his directions; Birch Street in Katterwood, Midtown.
750xp each.
“I’ve been thinking”
“Those weapons we “found” ort to be worth a pretty penny. Pennies we could use to settle a few things and make ourselves a few “friends. How’s about we sell them to Rastor first thing in the morning. We owe him a gold but I think he’ll be a useful friend and he did give us a real good deal so maybe we should pay him back a platinum by way of thanks for him trusting us to be good for the gold piece.”
“I think it’s time we moved out of the Warren but I can’t see us being able to afford to stay in an inn every night. That old Brother Fabitor looks like he could do with a couple of “caretakers” and that divine healing of his is mighty handy. How’s about we take some of those pennies and give him a more generous donation say 50 gold. We could offer to help him keep St. Gustav’s in order in exchange for letting us live there. It’s a big old place and it’s safe".
“I think we need to settle things with Klaus and move on. He’s a good friend, but we’ve paid our debt and he’s robbing us blind. Let’s give him 40 gold and tell him we are moving out of the Warren but we will keep in touch.”
“Kedra…He’s a wife beater and can drop dead for all I care. I don’t want to be doing favours for Nagrus cos of him. Let’s pay him his 50 gold and be done with it. If he bothers us again we finish him and pay blood money to Nagrus and his wife. We should give Nagrus 50 gold as well to keep on his good side. Then cos we agreed to we should do this job for him but as a personal favour we don’t
want him thinking we are welching out.”
“So if you think these are good ideas you need to get at least 200 gold for those weapons. Think you can do that? If you get a bit extra maybe we can find us some better armour. I’ve already got a hole in this”. <answulf>
“I had a thought about finding out a little more about who Vagger and Laucio work for. We could ask the guys selling the mugs who we need to speak to too buy a stock cos we are thinking of opening a tavern. Then say he your boss then? Must make a good livin from such a lucrative business so close to Tavern Row to try and find out the owners name and maybe where he lives. Vagger and Lucio had a key to the warehouse I’m guessing that means there is a good chance the owner is in on this.”

OOC: Updated Tracker attached. Rich, I take it you have a record of the ring, potion and cash I’ve got the weapons. Ben can we assume we have stayed a night in The Griffin and are now heading back to St Gustav’s.

To Lyle "I must have missed Klaus’ disposing us of our obligation. That’s good news and some gold we need not spend. I think the Brother might be amenable to us acting as “caretakers” despite his assertions that he lives alone. We should at least try. I’d feel happier moving out of the Warren if
I knew I had somewhere safe to move to."
“If Kedra does meet his end I’m sure we will be somewhere nearby to take the gold back and it would shift the suspicion away from us for the very reasons you describe. At the same time I’m guessing it would keep Nagrus sweet”
“Don’t mean you can go too easy on Rastor though. Get the best price you can whether we need it or not. I’d rather give him some back on our terms than not have the gold in the first place.”
-————————— LYLE
Lyle says " Not a bad bunch of thoughts there my eastern wanderer, one or two slight over sights I feel though friend. Klaus has freed me of any obligation already, he paid me a final sum of 2 pp and wished me well waste not want not I say he has had his dues over the years, also that Brother
Fabitor wasn’t keen on having anyone stay inside his pokey shrine. <lyle>
We do owe a debt to the weapons dealer though and your right we could use that sort of friend, things have been heating up around here these last few days. That fucker Hedra may find himself face down in the dirt of the Undercity one day not too far from now and it would be a shame if someone took the gold we gave him. <lyle>
Yea your right we should pay our debts and move away from working for others who take a cut for doing sod all. Let’s go sell these weapons and see if there is enough to do as you think."
Lyle ponders aloud <in> mayhap I should get something for my gold, I could give Kedra his 50g and his wife a tumble it would be at least a year before he realised he was paying for my bastard, <lyle>.



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