Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 1.5: 5th day of Bloom, Theoday

As we walk with Phon to St. Gustav’s:
With Phon’s delicate hand grasped firmly in his Answulf reaches down and hoists Lyle onto his shoulder. Noticing Lyle wincing and conscious of his own injuries, he says to Lyle loudly (so Phon can hear), “you spose those holy types at St Gustav’s will be pleased enough at our returnin one of their flock to heal our wounds for nothin”.

Careful not to look at Phon Answulf reaches into his shirt and pulls out Glucksratte. Looking the young Dire Rat in the eyes he kisses it on the nose, “what do you think boy. A hot meal wouldn’t go a miss either eh”.

Tucking Glucksratte back into his shirt Answulf cast a look at Phon coupled with a broad smile and a wink. Turning his eyes back to the road ahead he begins to whistle tunelessly…
Phon seems a little less shocked and suspicious and gives your hand a gentle squeeze back ‘Brother Fabitor is very kind and a good man, I’m sure he will help you’.
It takes you a good fifteen minutes or so to reach St. Gustav’s in Midtown, you follow Bridge Street up to Lower God Row hang a right and then a left onto a side street that brings you round the side of the chapel which is set in apart from the surrounding buildings on Centre Street. Opposite it are the Midtown watch-house, the famous Delvers Square and the 14’ statue of the hero Abesh Runihan standing above a round fountain. Despite the late hour the square is fairly busy, with a number of well-armed individuals coming and going, many you suspect to Tavern Row further up Centre Street. Across the street two city watch guards eye the passing crowd with practiced indifference.

St. Gustav’s is a rather curiously shaped building; a single story and stone built irregular octagon with irregular hexagons sticking out from four opposite sides. Approximately 90’ across at its widest it looks rather shabby and run down considering it’s a church of Lothian. Heavy wooden double doors are firmly closed in the centre of the southeast hexagon and it is seemingly aligned on a northwest to southeast axis. A small brass bell hangs on an iron chain to the side of the door
Slightly concerned with Lyle’s prolonged silence and fearing that his injuries are worse than they look Answulf reaches for the bell and gives it a vigorous shake. He follows with three heavy thumps on the door with his meaty fist. Pushing Glucksratte firmly back down inside his shirt. He whispers ‘Keep your head down boy. We don’t want these Lothianites mistakin yer for one of those ratmen and chopping of yer tail. Much as Lyle an I could do with the three gold thrones we’ll not let no harm come to yer’. With no sign of anyone actually opening the door he thumps the door twice more, harder this time, and bellows ‘Come on open up’.
Despite its obvious thickness the door rattles slightly as Answulf hammers on it with his ham sized fist. No more than a few moments later a muffled voice sounds from behind the thick wood ‘for the love of Lothian, why not bring a battering ram’! You all hear the sound of a bar being drawn back and a key turning in a lock.

The right hand door is opened wide enough to allow a sliver of lantern light illuminate you against the midnight dark. In the doorway you see a dishevelled looking human male in woollen britches; a shade less than six feet with shoulder length brown hair tied back in an untidy ponytail. He has a strong careworn face, which you guess probably makes him look older than he really is. He has a loaded crossbow casually levelled at you but as soon as he sees Phon he quickly raises it up and points it at Answulf’s chest, his eyes narrow ‘Phon, are you well, who are these ruffian’s’?
Answulf lets go of Phon’s hand and draws himself up to his full height. Looking slowly down at the man he gives him a broad grin. Then waits patiently for Phon to respond.
Phon steps round Answulf and Lyle, in a slightly quivering voice she says ’it’s true brother Fabitor, these men did save me’. Phon then launches into a rapid and detailed description of how she came to be kidnapped and chained in Kurd’s hidden cell, and her rescue by you.

After hearing her tale brother Fabitor lowers his crossbow and gathers Phon into a fatherly embrace, and with his arm around her shoulders he leads her into the chapel. Turning he says to both of you ‘well come on don’t let the draft in and make sure you lock that door behind you; the night is full of thieves’.

Once inside brother Fabitor picks up a lantern which illuminates the inside of the chapel for about 30’. A couple of steps lead down to the main worship area which has rows of rough benches; he crosses this to the northeast wall which has an enormous tapestry in several sections running its length. On the tapestry are scenes that depict (you assume) Lothian ascending to godhood while a plate armoured warrior defends the helpless with a huge shield against numerous evil beings.

Overall the fabric of the chapel seems to be rather worn, and you spot a few strategically placed buckets, that are presumably to catch drips from the roof. The ceiling is made up of four barrel vaults and the central grand vault, which culminates in a groin vault. Much of the whitewashed plaster has blackened with age and damp; the whole place has a faint musty smell.

He leads you along the tapestry until you reach about two-thirds of the way at which point he slips through the gap were two sections meet and holds the flap open for you, beyond you see an open doorway leading into a shadowy office.
Answulf will follow Brother Fabitor into the chapel, closing the door and locking it once their all inside. Looking around at the less than affluent structure Answulf whispers to Lyle “Don’t know why he’s wurried bout thieves there ain’t nothin here wurth stealin!” He then follows Brother Fabitor’s
through the chapel to his office.



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