Ptolus - the city by the spire

Session 1: 4th day of Bloom, Queensday

Slight error in my timings, I’ve had to move the date forward by a couple of days, it means that the following day is actually Theoday. In fact by the time you reach St. Gustav’s it will be chiming midnight.
Shared XP
• Saved Mylan from her wife beating husband, Kedra. 150
• Destroying guardian vine at the rear of Kurd’s house. 300
• Defeating Kurd. 150
• Rescuing Phon from the secret cell. 300
• Brutal murder of Kurd. Full XP given for defeat.
• Inspired use of hot coals against the vine. 75
• Classic use of Halfling wit. 75
Answulf: 525
Lyle: 525



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